Qiao Han Pets Farmer's Wife: This Lady Is So Hot

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At this time that you Tong Huo Jia two lamp attendant, has separated on both sides, close to the stone wall, not far away, is the only lifting hall steel gate winch roller frame, the palace has been out to meet the people, after they kowtow to min Dongyuan, turned to lead, min Dongyuan ste

After Yang's birthday in early summer, the Yang Qingrui brothers returned to school, while Ye Zian studied at home. Because Ye Zian came back, Yang's plan to go to other counties and towns to inspect shops in early summer was put aside for the time being, and he was ready to accompany Ye Zian for a period of time. Mother, this rice cake is very good and delicious. Yang took a plate in early summer, and as he spoke, he loaded a plate and said, "I'm going to bring some to Ange!" "Go on, give him a break and don't read all day." Wang Shi said. Oh, I know. Yang early summer answered the words and took two, ready to pick up the food box to leave, but just went out, but found Yang Dongxue and Yang Qingbao came together. And looking at Yang Qingbao's face is still a little ugly. Qingbao, Dongxue, you're here. "Sister Xia Xia" "Sister" Cried the two children in chorus. My mother is making rice cakes. Go in quickly. Hearing that there were rice cakes to eat, Yang Dongxue was obviously very happy, but Yang Qingbao was. Yang Gu went to Ye Zian in early summer and didn't ask much. Just wait to see him when she comes back from delivering things. Qingbao, why didn't you go to school today? This Yang Qingbao has also been sent to school by Liu since last year, originally intended to be sent to the town school. But later, the school in Lijiacun was opened by another master. Liu thought that Lijiacun was close to home, so Yang Qingbao stayed in the school in Lijiachun. Yang Qingbao said sullenly, "Our husband has something to do today,calcium nitrate sol, so he gave us a day off." Then why are you unhappy? Can't you take a day off without going to school? "I'm not unhappy, it's just." Yang Qingbao didn't know whether to say it or not. In early summer, Yang could not bear to see people hesitating like this. He said, "If you have something to say, what does it look like to hesitate?" Yang Qingbaoxu had left a shadow in the face of Yang early summer before, and when he saw Yang early summer serious, he could not help shivering. Then he whispered, "My second sister is back." "Oh," Yang Dongzhi? " Your second sister will come back when she comes back. What are you unhappy about? This Yang Dongzhi,Magnesium Sulphate producer, not long after Yang Ruoqiu got married, also married, that is, married a little far away, I heard it was in the mountains. I've been married for two years, and I've only come back once or twice in the past two years. It's still the time of the New Year's Day. Why do I come back now? "But Second Sister came back crying." "Cry?"? Why is she crying? Yang looked at Yang Qingbao doubtfully in early summer. But in the heart, I heard that Yang Dongzhi had a good time in her husband's home, and also gave birth to a son, how could he cry back? Is it difficult to eat and drink? No, there are not many brothers in that family, just three, and all three of them are strong laborers. It is said that they are very capable. Yang Qingbao listened to her ask this, but eerily blushed for a moment, and then lowered his head and did not speak, dead or alive. This makes Yang early summer some curious, Yang Dongzhi in the end is to come back to do. One side of Yang Dongxue is eating, caustic calcined magnesite ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, happy way, "sister, sister, I know, I know what my cousin came back Winter Solstice." "You know?"? How do you know? Yang looked at her strangely in early summer. 655. No Chapter 655 many wives in the mountains in ancient times. "Eavesdropping, overhearing." "Well, you're eight years old, and you're still eavesdropping?" Yang looked at her in disbelief in early summer. "Dongxue, you are a big girl. You are not allowed to do so in the future." Then he said, "By the way, what did you hear?" Yang Dongxue looked at her as if she had seen a ghost, and then said, "Second cousin's second brother-in-law's mother, let the second cousin give birth to the second brother-in-law's brother." "Amount" When Wang heard this, he said, "What are you talking about?" Wang didn't turn around for a while. Yang turned his head in disbelief and said, "Niang, don't you understand?" What Yang Dongxue said was a bit of a tongue twister, but she might as well understand. It's just that Yang Dongzhi's mother-in-law is a little disgusting. Listen to Yang Dongxue, that is, Yang Dongzhi's mother-in-law asked Yang Dongzhi to help Yang Dongzhi's brother-in-law give birth to a child. What the hell are you thinking? Whose child is born? Is it all right as long as it's the same blood, no matter who it is? Who knows, before she finished complaining, the little girl Yang Dongxue spoke again. Also, the second cousin's second brother-in-law's mother, let the second cousin give birth to the second brother-in-law's brother. "Poof.." Yang early summer spurted out a mouthful of water. Wang Shi is also choking non-stop, well, now Wang Shi also understood. Yang Qingbao lowered his head and refused to speak. In that case, why can she come back? Yang early summer some puzzled, "her mother-in-law is going to let her give birth to a child for uncle and uncle, will not let her run casually is ah.". What if she runs away? "My second sister sneaked back." This time Yang Qingbao spoke, but his voice was low and his head was low. Yang early summer heart way, lying trough, no wonder this ancient people do not like to marry to the mountains, the original ancient mountains more common wife ah, this Yang Dongzhi if uncle and uncle have given birth to children, can not become a common wife? She can't accept a modern person, and Yang Dongzhi, an ancient person, can't accept it. What are your parents going to do? Yang asked in early summer. Since Yang Dongzhi's in-laws have such an idea, they will not easily let her go, and they should soon come to their mother's home to bring people. Say this is all married, the husband's family to bring people, the mother's family is really not good to let people go back. It's just that once you go back, it won't look good. If it gets out, the whole Yang family won't look good. Yang Dongzhi really wants to give the Yang family something to talk about, doesn't he. Yang Qingbao shook his head. "My parents don't know. They didn't say that my mother was crying at home." Wang Shi is also angry at this time, "this family is too much.". Although it is in the mountains, but the family is not very poor, how can not say the daughter-in-law. It's not easy to find in the mountains, so you can buy two from outside,potassium sulphate fertilizer, right? Looking at the betrothal gifts Winter Solstice, the family did not look like a poor one. "That's not necessarily true. Maybe she's not poor, but what if her mother-in-law is reluctant to give up the silver?" 。 stargrace-magnesite.com