Medical career and official career

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Zhang Yang said, "I have thought it through.

Zhang Yang said, "I have thought it through. I will do my work in a down-to-earth manner in the future. I will not think or ask about other things." Gu Jiatong said softly, "I know that nothing in the world can baffle you. Others would have fallen down in the face of pressure. You are different. You can cheer up immediately. I like you best!" Zhang Yang said with a smile, "You are really good at talking, and you speak to my heart!"! But I don't think I'm as great as you say! Gu Jiatong hugged his body and said, "You are my man, and I am proud of you!" Zhang Yang involuntarily straightened his chest, and somewhere in his body began to swell with his heart. He whispered, "I've been under a lot of pressure recently!" "Then let it out," said Gu Jiatong delicately. "I'll help you share the burden." Zhang Daguanren turned over and pressed her under his body. Staring at Gu Jiatong's soft eyes, he whispered, "You have to be psychologically prepared. I'm really under a lot of pressure!" Gu Jiatong gently pinched Zhang Yang's tight buttocks: "I'm not afraid..." Zhang Daguanren, who returned to Jiangcheng again, swept away the depression of the previous few days. It seemed that this long journey really had a relaxing effect, and it was physical and mental relaxation. Zhang Daguanren lay on the chair in the office, thinking of the gentleness and consideration of several confidants, and his lips could not help smiling. Zhang Ruirong coughed hard twice,thermal imaging camera, interrupting Zhang Yang's reverie. Zhang Daguanren laughed and said, "You're just in time. Go and make a pot of Biluochun for me!" "I'm an official staff member, not your servant girl," said Zhang Ruirong angrily. Zhang Yang said, "I am your superior leader, and you are my subordinate. Do you know what obeying orders is?"? Do what I tell you to do. Go! Zhang Ruirong mercilessly glared at him, since the superior let her continue to stay in the investment office,touch screen kiosk, she put the responsibility on the head of publicity, in fact, she is wronged others, she left her, publicity did not participate in the slightest opinion. Even Zhang Yang was eager for her to go. After all, Guoan arranged Zhang Ruirong beside him, which was tantamount to placing an eyeliner. It was not convenient for him to do anything. Although Zhang Ruirong had conflicting feelings, he still went to make a pot of tea for Zhang Yang, filled the teacup and brought it to him, with a smile on his face. Zhang Daguanren retreated and said, "Why are you smiling like this?"? You wouldn't poison the tea, would you? Zhang Ruirong glared at him and said, temperature scanning kiosks ,facial recognition thermometer, "Don't think of me as mean as you!" Zhang Yang took a sip of tea, smashed his mouth and said, "Yes, it smells good!" "Director Zhang, I want to ask you a favor!" Zhang Yang didn't guess wrong. Zhang Ruirong really wanted to beg for something. Zhang Yang said with a smile, "Don't be so polite. We are comrades. We have something to say." "Then I'll say it!" "Say!" Zhang Daguanren took another gulp of water. Zhang Ruirong said, "Can you report to your superiors that I don't cooperate with the work and that my working ability is very poor? In short, don't speak well of me and drive me out of the Investment Promotion Office as soon as possible." Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Well!"! I'll think about it! He understood that Zhang Ruirong was tired of the investment promotion office and wanted to escape from the bitter sea early in the morning. Zhang Ruirong was in a hurry: "What are you considering?"? Anyway, you don't like me early in the morning, and I can't help you here. You'd better let me go! Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Why are you in such a hurry?"? Everything has to be done step by step. I promise you that I will talk to your aunt about it in two days. I don't like to force people. You can rest assured. "Thank you!" At this time, the phone on Zhang Yang's desk rang. Zhang Ruirong rushed to answer the phone and soon handed it to Zhang Yang: "Secretary Du's phone!" Du Tianye has not met Zhang Yang since he returned to Jiangcheng. He asked Zhang Yang to go to his office. Zhang Yang's current office is located in the old municipal party committee. It is not far from the old municipal party committee to the municipal government office building, so he did not drive and walked there. When he arrived at the gate of the old city party committee, he met Xiao Guitang. When Xiao Guitang saw Zhang Yang, he hurriedly came to him: "Director Zhang, I want to report to you about the German Haide Group.". "This fellow has been very active recently. Seeing that the cooperation between Haide Group and the Construction Machinery Factory can be successful, he also wants to get a piece of the cake. After all, the task assigned by the Investment Promotion Office is solid. With Haide Group at the bottom, it is much easier to complete the task.". Zhang Yang was very clear about his intentions. "Don't tell me," he said with an indifferent smile. "I don't care about it. Chang Lingfeng is in charge. You can discuss it with him." "But you're in charge of the Investment Promotion Office.." said Xiao Guitang. Words did not finish, Zhang Yang has gone, Xiao Guitang only shook his head and sighed. Du Tianye spent almost two days in meetings after returning to Jiangcheng. He had just finished the Standing Committee meeting before calling Zhang Yang. One was to make a summary of the work during the Spring Festival, and the other was to prepare for the upcoming sessions of the Provincial People's Congress and the Municipal People's Congress. When Zhang Yang came to Du Tianye's office, Jiang Le had just made tea. When he saw Zhang Yang coming in, he smiled and quietly left the office. Du Tianye sat down on the sand beside the tea table and patted his side. Zhang Yang also sat down and said, "Happy New Year, Secretary Du!" There was no smile on Du Tianye's face, and the sadness brought to him by his father's death was still not erased from the bottom of his heart. "I heard you went to Dongjiang?" He whispered. Zhang Yang nodded and said, "I wanted to pay New Year's greetings to Yan Ran's father, but Governor Song went to Jing'an, and I went to Secretary Gu's house." "It should be.." said Du Tianye. He paused for a moment and then asked, "Have you paid New Year's greetings to Vice Premier Wen?" "Yes!" Du Tianye pursed his lips, picked up the teacup and drank two mouthfuls silently. After a while, he said, "I got you into trouble!" In his view, Zhang Yang forced Wen Ling to have a car accident because he fought against injustice for himself. This incident has obviously caused a rift between Zhang Yang and the Wen family. In the depths of Du Tianye's heart, he was moved by Zhang Yang's friendship. Zhang Yang said, "Are things going well?" Du Tianye nodded and said,information kiosk price, "It went well!" Zhang Yang held the teacup and gently touched it with his fingers. "How is Wen Ling?" He asked. Du Tianye shook his head and said, "I don't know, and I don't want to know!" 。