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At this time that you Tong Huo Jia two lamp attendant, has separated on both sides, close to the stone wall, not far away, is the only lifting hall steel gate winch roller frame, the palace has been out to meet the people, after they kowtow to min Dongyuan, turned to lead, min Dongyuan ste

Chapter 19 The Military and Political Courtyard suddenly turned around with a smile and made a face at me. He teased me and said, "You can do it. It's obvious that you robbed Hong Fei's wife. You still want Hong Fei to explain to the old man. Alas, people are blocked by you. There is no more wicked person than you." Damn it It's not my fault, is it? Obviously, you have been pestering me all the time, but in the end, I ended up with something wrong. Let her say so, as if I am a bad person. Rob Hong Fei's wife? Shit, it's obviously you and Hong Fei who set me up here. Take your car! My airway. Qiaoxiao Yan ran did not care, put on headphones, humming a ditty, the body with the beat of the music, gently twisting. Look at how proud she is, I really want to. I'm a good man. I didn't think anything, I didn't do anything. The car sped all the way to the military family compound. Qiaoxiao Yan ran is the first beauty in the courtyard, who does not know who does not know ah, so as soon as her car arrived at the door, two sentinels immediately stood at attention and saluted. In this courtyard, she did not dare to be presumptuous, because all the people living in it were senior officers, mostly people of the same generation as her parents. It's not her turn to be arrogant. So to the door,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, Qiaoxiao Yan ran also consciously slowed down the speed. But it is also the case, and caused a stubble of things. The two sentinels at the door recognized Qiaoxiao Yanran's car and were saluting there, but suddenly found a flat on the hood of Qiaoxiao Yanran's car. How about this? Qiaoxiao Yanran is the treasure in the whole courtyard. The protected level is similar to that of giant pandas. Those generals and marshals who have retired from the army, which one does not treat Qiaoxiao Yanran as a heart? Now her car is flat and looks like it was hit by a fist. Of course, the fist hit, but this is not how clever their vision, but there are still a few finger marks on it, when hitting,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, the knuckles left behind, can be seen at a glance. The two sentinels reached out at the same time and signaled to stop. Not knowing what was going on, Qiaoxiao slowly stopped the car and asked from the window, "Xiao Li, Xiao Zhang, what's wrong?"? What's the matter? The two sentinels strode over with their guns. When they reached the front of the car, they stood at attention again and saluted, saying, "Miss Xin, who smashed your car?"? What kind of person ate the courage of the ambitious leopard and smashed our Miss Xin's car? Only then did Qiaoxiao Yan ran understand why they let themselves stop. Hearing this, she couldn't help laughing and said, "You don't have to worry about it. You can't afford to mess with the people who smashed the car." As he spoke, he tilted his head and looked at me with the intention of showing his kindness, as if to say that you had to thank me for my help. As soon as I curled my lips, Magnesium Oxide price ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, I said disdainfully, "Hum, what if you just say I smashed it?"? I am heartless and afraid of who will come. Those two sentinels are also young, you do not think, if I have a quarrel with Qiaoxiao Yanran, then I may take her car? Can I come to you in her car? But they just don't want to, listen to is I smashed, "clatter" two loaded the bullet, pointing at me: "come down! How dare you smash Miss Xin's car and run to our military and political compound. I don't think you know how to write the word "death". Come down!!! The attitude is not that it is not severe, but that it can be called stern. It's just that what they did was really inappropriate. How dare these two bastards put a gun to my head!!! At that moment, I just felt a'buzz ', as if all the blood in my body rushed to my head in an instant, and the blood vessels burst like pain. For so many years, no one has ever dared to point a gun at my head, and some of them have already died in the gutter, but today, these two recruits dare to point big bore rifles at my head, they should be killed!!! Qiao smiled and saw that my face had changed dramatically, and at the same time the knuckles of my hands had turned white because of excessive exertion, and I was shocked. She had seen my throwing knife, which I had saved her in C city. She was deeply impressed by the speed of my knife and the accuracy of my hit. Of course, it was at that time that she fell madly in love with a person she had never seen before, Blood Shadow Shura. As soon as I stretched out my five fingers, Erkou flew to my fingertips. She threw herself on me with a smile and pressed my arm tightly. She exclaimed, "Xiao Li and Xiao Zhang, you two bastards, put away your guns quickly. You want to die!" I don't want to kill them either, or I can still see my throwing knife with a smile? Forget it. If she can see it, my throwing knife won't kill anyone. The two sentinels couldn't understand the relationship between me and Qiaoxiao Yanran for a moment. They looked at each other and didn't know what to do. You don't know what to do, so put the gun down first, still pointing at me? If this is not in the Military Commission compound, which is full of some old men who are not easy to mess with, I really want to kill these two blind bastards. Can't you see that Qiaoxiao Yanran is trying to stop me and pointing a gun at me? Get out of here, you two bastards. You don't want to live! Qiao smiled and screamed in a hurry, and his voice changed. There was a lot of trouble when Hong Fei suddenly ran out of it. I guess this guy must have been pushed by his smiling father and mother, and couldn't explain it, so he kept an eye on the gate, hoping that we could come back soon. He must have seen what happened just now, or he couldn't have run as fast as he does now, like a rabbit. You, you bastards! How dare you stop my boss! I don't want to live! Hong Fei scolded him from a long distance. Now you see where he has the appearance of an acting army commander, the whole is a little brother of the underworld. But no wonder he, he and Qiaoxiao Yan ran know my identity, but also know my temperament, launched a ruthless killing in the downtown, is also normal. They also know that I have rolled in the hail of bullets too many times in the past few years, and witnessed my brother being shot dead in front of me too many times,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, so you can imagine how much I hate guns. This is one of the main reasons why I always use the old throwing knife instead of the gun. Although this is in their military and political compound, if I want to kill people, I'm afraid no one can control it.