Gentleman's promise + extra chapter

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"The previous ones can basically cure, but Xiaofei is slightly different.".

"The previous ones can basically cure, but Xiaofei is slightly different.". Misdiagnosis has delayed some time, the child's condition is somewhat dangerous, and in the worst case, there may be cardiovascular sequelae after cure. "How much does it cost?" Li Wenwei said sincerely, "I've been thinking about it these two days.". I will try my best to talk to my hospital. It can reduce some costs, but it must still be a lot. If you really have difficulties, you can turn to the society for help. I have friends in TV stations and newspapers. Hearing what Li Wenwei said, Su Cuo did not have much expression, but nodded calmly: "Dr. Li, thank you, you are really a good man.". Please don't tell Cai Yu how much it costs. Oh, it's Teacher Cai. Anyway, I'll try to find a way to deal with the money. "This is the doctor's duty, I will think of a way." Li Wenwei saw Su Cuo's bright eyes and sighed with emotion: "Teacher Su, are you really Xiaofei's teacher? It doesn't look like it. "I taught him for a period of time," the cold wind came over, Su Cuo glanced at the dark sky and explained, "Qi Xiaofei is the smartest child I have ever seen, and he will become a great man in the future. I won't be wrong. He must not have an accident. When they entered the ward, Xiaofei had just woken up from his lethargy. Although he had a high fever, he was very conscious. Seeing Su Cuo,Marble Granite Price, his face, which had been ill for a long time, smiled: "Teacher Su, don't be sad for me.". I'll be fine. Didn't you tell me that as long as we are strong, we can overcome all difficulties? The words were spoken in a crisp but hoarse child's voice, and everyone in the ward felt pity for them. Cai Yu's eyes were red, and Li Wenwei opened her mouth to say something, but she didn't say a word. Su Cuo forced a smile, touched his hair and said,Agate Slabs Countertops, "Yes, that's right.". Nothing will happen to you. As soon as he left the hospital, the calm on Su Cuo's face could no longer hang on. She stood on the side of the road waiting for the bus, looking desperately at the strange and brightly lit city. Remembering Xiaofei's unconscious appearance again, she went to the roadside public telephone booth and called Su Zhi. But in any case, she did not expect that at ten o'clock in the evening, Su Zhi's cell phone was answered by a woman who spoke delicately. After she said, "I'm looking for Su Zhi," the voice on the other end of the phone said: "General Manager Su is busy. He said no one answered the phone." Su Cuo is stupefied, hold back the anger in the heart, good temper repeated: "I have important matter, you let him answer the phone quickly." The voice is no longer charming, obviously with impatience: "Everyone said there is something important, said not to answer the phone, you did not hear?" Su Cuo was completely angry: "Who are you?"? What are you doing with his cell phone? The answer is the voice of hanging up, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Granite Slab Supplier, and then call the past, has been disconnected, said the phone has been turned off, to the message box; silence for a long time, she dialed the phone to Chen Zijia, the same ring in the other end of the phone is clearly a strange woman's voice. Su Cuo's hand holding the phone kept trembling, almost losing control of his emotions for a moment, and he could not hang the phone back several times. In the evening, there was no traffic jam, and the bus returned smoothly in half an hour. The wind came in through the open window, swirled, and went out the other side. Back in the Institute, because she was thinking about things, her footsteps were still habitually walking towards the doctor's building in the west. When she arrived, she found that she had moved to the staff dormitory building a few days ago. Her footsteps could not help but stagnate. Then she turned around and returned along the original road. The environment around the staff dormitory is good, surrounded by green trees, it looks quiet and quiet, but because the house itself is very old, it is the kind of tube-shaped apartment with narrow corridors that was common decades ago, there are not many people living here now, mostly new researchers who have no place to live. By the light in the window, Su Cuo saw a black car parked under a tree not far away, with its body reflecting faintly, like its owner, perfect from any angle. Su Cuo stared at the car for a moment, picked up the stairs, entered the corridor on the third floor, and noticed the bright light coming through the cracks under each door. Chen Zijia stood at the door waiting for her. "When did you come?" Su Cuo asked as he opened the door. "Not long.". "Chen Zijia smiled faintly," call you and say shut down. " "The mobile phone is out of power." Su Cuo made a gesture and motioned him into the room. A small room, can not be said to be neat, but not messy, half of the books; the rest of the space set up a bed and desk. Chen Zijia looked around and said, "It's not a big place." "Well," Su Cuo handed him a glass of water and said carelessly, "it's enough to live alone." Chen Zijia's eyes jumped and he opened his mouth with a smile: "Move to my place." Then he glanced at Su Cuo with a stiff expression and added, "Just kidding, don't be nervous." Su Cuo glared at him. "What's the matter?" With a sigh, Chen Zijia finally said, "Wang Chen got married and invited us to attend the wedding." Then he handed over a red wedding invitation. Because he had not heard the name of Wang Chen for several years, Su Cuo could not react for a moment. Ah, the bride's surname is Li, but she's not Elder Martial Sister Lin Zheng? Su Cuo's mind moved and he looked at the invitation carefully. It's not her. Then there seemed to be nothing else to say, and the atmosphere was irrepressibly silent. The two of them looked at each other in the lamplight. After a moment, Su Cuo looked back and said, "Who is the bride's family?" Chen Zijia smiled calmly: "They are all doctors.". His father was a hospital director and his mother was a professor at the medical school. At the mention of the hospital, Su Cuo immediately thought of Qi Xiaofei, his heart seemed to fall into the ice cave, his face showed some kind of mental state, but he said to himself: "Oh, that's good." Her tired look,White Marble Slabs, though short, was clearly visible in the lamplight. You have a good rest and I'll go first. Chen Zijia looked at her worriedly. Before opening the door, he took out a bunch of keys that had been prepared for a long time and put them in Su Cuo's hand. "You keep the keys in my place." 。