The Phantom of the Other World

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"Don't run against us. Come on, what do you want?"

"Don't run against us. Come on, what do you want?" The elder rolled his eyes and said that he didn't care about the run of the shameless boy in front of him. He had been used to it for so many years. It's nothing. I just want to ask you for a few sets of heavenly cultivation skills. "Sniff.." The elder and others finally couldn't help it, and the things in his hands were smashed without thinking, and the elder didn't even care that the chess pieces in his hands were carefully carved by him with the bones of the demon beast. Fuck off! Get your ass off the Holy Land right now! The Great Elder was almost angry to death. This bastard really dares to open his mouth, and he has a few sets of Tianjie skills at will. You think the Holy Land is wholesale. When Yi Feng saw that the elder was like this, he dodged these things, rolled his eyes and said, "You are so stingy.". All right, if you don't have a few sets, just give me one at will! The five elders twitched at the corners of their mouths, trying to control what they wanted to hit Yi Feng again. Don't dream. None of us old guys have ever seen this legendary skill. Besides, we don't have the right to give it to you. The five elders finally calmed down and stared at Yi Feng and said. When Yi Feng heard the words of the five elders, he curled his lips disdainfully and said to himself, "Isn't it the Heavenly Order Skill? I have another set on me.". It's not that precious? Yi Feng said this fortunately in the bottom of my heart, otherwise let a few elders again good temper, will leave Yi Feng in the holy land. In ancient times,pietra gray marble, Tianjie skills were the things that the strong fought for. At that time, they were rare. What's more, in the present of gradual decline, the emergence of such a set of skills can even attract those hidden old monsters. Tianjie skill has the ability to go against heaven. It is far from being comparable to ordinary exercises. Yi Feng light just practice to the first layer of phantom body method, the speed reached such a terrible point, but also derived from the teleportation method,Slate Wall Panel, if the second layer, the third layer are broken through, that will be how terrible? Maybe at that time, it was really close to the horizon. When Yi Feng saw that the elders had reacted so much, he haggled in the bottom of his heart that the old man was more powerful and threw out the skills at will. Seek the method of practice Chapter 814 After all, Yi Feng did not rob the five elders to the slightest thing, Yi Feng originally said that there is no Tianjie Gong method, random what level of high-level throw on a few sets is also OK. But before Yi Feng had finished speaking, he had already seen the blue veins on the elder's arm flashing, and he had the idea of splitting Yi Feng. Yi Feng saw the big elder's gloomy eyes, and finally gave up finding a method suitable for Linger to learn from them. Yi Feng extremely disappointed out of the room, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, the bottom of my heart to greet the five old guys aside, the bottom of my heart thinking of Xiaoyueyue and Ruhua who is more suitable to accompany them. "I haven't seen the old man, and the five elders have no martial arts here. Can't I come back to the Holy Land for nothing this time?" Boy, are you still depressed? When Yi Feng immediately kicked off a stone at his feet, the five elders suddenly dodged in front of Yi Feng and asked with a smile on his shoulder. Yi Feng rolled his eyes and said, "Of course you're depressed because you can't produce what I want. It's a pity that you brag about the Holy Land in front of me every day. It's just so so." "Ha ha!"! Boy, it's no use running against us. Whether we have the skills above the terrace or not, even if you have a special status in the Holy Land, it is impossible to give you in private! Holy land, not just a few of us in charge! The five elders pointed to Yi Feng and said. For this sentence, Yi Feng has some understanding, he has always felt that there is an organization behind the Holy Land. He just can't see it. Otherwise, except for the old man who can ignore the rules of the Holy Land, the rest, even the five elders, have to do things according to the rules of the Holy Land. What's more, the last time the old man said that if it weren't for the five elders and he, he would insist on saving it. I'm afraid he's dead! This makes Yi Feng more convinced that there is a force behind the Holy Land. Although I don't know if it restricts the five elders, it's not up to the five elders to do whatever they want. Their existence will not restrict you, right? Is there a struggle for power and profit in the Holy Land? Yi Feng asked the five elders strangely. The five elders rolled their eyes and gave Yi Feng a hard knock on the head. "When did you become so stupid? Can you still be so calm if you fight for power and profit in the Holy Land?"? And you can't get that token at all. That token is the result of the agreement of the whole Holy Land. Otherwise, we don't have so much power. "Hey, hey!" Yi Feng smiled, "since the Holy Land is monolithic, what are you afraid of?" The five elders glared at Yi Feng and said, "For them, the rules left by their ancestors are the biggest.". Even the face of the five of us will not be given. Yi Feng faintly understood that the people who could restrict the five elders were all pedantic people who abided by the rules, otherwise they would not have given the five elders such a headache. You can't beat them. If you can beat them, are you still afraid of them? The old man can do whatever he wants! Yi Feng curled his lips. The five elders burst out laughing. "You don't have any good words in your mouth.". In the Holy Land, the strength of the five of us is not the strongest, but there are few of our opponents. Even the elders in the Meshrano are hardly any match for us. Yi Feng finally understood that the power that made the five elders scruple was called the House of Elders. This holy place is really mysterious, and Yi Feng of the House of Elders has never heard of it before. Since you are so strong, how can you not compare with the old man? Yi Feng naturally did not believe the words of the five elders. Liu ran's strength is indeed stronger than us, but lightly with his strength, also dare not trample on the Holy Land track at will. It's just that he has another identity, so even the people in the House of Elders won't say anything! The five elders looked at Yi Feng and said with a smile. Yi Feng slightly frowned, the old man actually has such a special position in the Holy Land? Is it possible to override the five elders? Yi Feng stayed in the Holy Land for so long,Agate Stone Price, but he had never seen anything special about the old man in the Holy Land, except that he could ignore the rules of the Holy Land. Few people in the Holy Land knew him. At least now Yi Feng knows, only five elders know the old man.