The stars change

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"I thought the thunder punished Tianzun.". There is absolutely no accident.

"I thought the thunder punished Tianzun.". There is absolutely no accident. I am full of confidence! Little did I know This Qin Yu finally makes a move. Alas, the higher the expectation. When you fail, the worse you fall. When I think about it. Jiang Fan felt the pain of his heart twitching. It really hurts. Husband, if you can't become Tianzun, you can't become Tianzun. Qin Yu is also thinking about you. Just don't mess with him in the future. I'm sure he won't mess with us either. Chunyu soft comfort said. Jiang Fan smiled bitterly. How lofty is the status of the emperor of the North Pole? I didn't expect to be reduced to It needs Qin Yu's pity to live moistly. Madam. When I appeared in the divine world, I understood the law of space faster than my second brother Jiang Lan, and became the emperor of the North Pole. Be the emperor of the North Pole. It's been a hundred and twenty thousand trillion years. Jiang Fan laughed at himself. Ma'am, you know all these years. What am I thinking in the deepest part of my heart? "What?" Chunyu soft eyebrows a wrinkly. According to what she knows. What her husband wanted most was to become Tianzun,x70 line pipe, which Chunyu Rou knew early. I don't know why Jiang Fan, the emperor of the North Pole, asked again. You should know that I want to be Tianzun for countless years, but in fact,x52 line pipe, what I want to know in the deepest part of my heart. But who are my parents? Where do I come from? "Jiang Fan shook his head and sighed.". Chunyu Rou stared at Jiang Fan. Jiang Fan took a deep breath: One hundred and twenty thousand billion years ago. Birth of the divine world. My second brother and my third brother and I appeared in this divine world. But at that time, we have no childhood memories, we only know that we are brothers. I don't know anything else. For one hundred and twenty thousand trillion years, I've been thinking, who are my parents? How the hell was I born? Is it born of heaven and earth? I've been thinking. 。 How on earth can we know our life experience? "Later.". I thought of becoming Tianzun. Tianzun is much more powerful than the God King. Should also know more, it is estimated to become Tianzun. Can you know me, x52 line pipe ,321 stainless steel sheet, know where the first generation of our eight Protoss came from? Jiang Fan laughed at himself. A surname mulberry heart also doubt. The first generation of the Eight Protoss. In addition to the city of thunder punishment, there is a higher generation of mine punishment Tianzun, the other Protoss. The first generation seems to be born out of thin air. Jiang Fan, Jiang Lan, Huangfu Yu, Huangfu Lei, Huangfu Liuxiang, Shen Tuyan, Shen Tuyin.. A large group of disciples of the first generation of the Eight Protoss. Who are the parents of these people? Could it be that they were born out of thin air. Or is it born of heaven and earth? This question is a recognized riddle of the upper class of the divine world. No one knows how the first generation of the Eight Protoss was born. This question can not be explored and pursued. Husband, didn't you communicate with Lei Tianzun? Can't you question him? ? "Chun Yu Rou asked doubtfully.". Jiang Fan laughed at himself: "Hum, thunder punishes Tianzun?"? How could he possibly tell us? 。 I wanted to ask him. But he just scolded me. And ordered me not to ask again. I have a feeling. He knows where we come from. But he just won't say! So 。 I want to be Tianzun very much. Chun Yu Rou nodded gently. Suddenly- "What are you doing here?" Jiang Fan frowned and looked at the man who suddenly appeared in the study, dressed in a blue robe. It's Jiang Lan. Jiang Lan looked at Jiang Fan with calm eyes: "Big Brother!" Jiang Fan was stunned: "You.". Did you call me Big Brother? "Jiang Fan was really shocked.". Since he chose Zhou Xian as his husband. Jiang Lan broke up with him. It is almost impossible to call him Big Brother. Next to Chunyu Rou at the moment the bottom of my heart is also full of shock. Jiang Lan looked at Jiang Fan with a faint smile: "Elder brother.". After all, we grew up from childhood. One hundred and twenty thousand billion years down the brothers. Although I have a grudge against you. But now Xiaoyu and Lier are also together. I don't think we need to be so antagonistic any more, and you don't need to be so deadlocked with Kohane and Lier. Jiang Fan's face was covered with a layer of coldness. Oh, are you here to persuade me? "Jiang Fan smiled coldly." Second brother. What I said at the beginning. I can't take it back. I was on the ground in front of so many gods. I publicly announce that Zhou Xian is my son-in-law. In any case. I can't face Qin Yu now, so you don't have to say that anymore. ” "Why are you so stubborn?" Jiang Lan is a little angry. Jiang Fan frowned. Looking at his second brother Jiang Lan. Jiang Lan stared at Jiang Fan: "Big brother.". Lier has been unable to go home all these years, unable to go home with her sisters, with her brother and brother. Do you know how sad she feels when she meets her relatives and friends? Is your daughter 。 Can't even keep up with your face? Jiang Fan was stunned and could not speak. Jiang Lan frowned, and two suspended seals appeared in his hands, one gray and the other golden. This is Jiang Fan's eyes suddenly lit up. This is the seal of Houtu and the seal of Wanmin. I know how much you want them. I can give it to you now. I just want you to be nice to them. Don't oppose each other any more. Jiang Lan turned over his hands, and the seals of Houtu and Wanmin flew into Jiang Fan's hands. Jiang Fan stared at this scene. Next to Chunyu Rou was also shocked. How precious the Houtu seal and the seal of all the people are. How is Jiang Fan not clear? For these two seals at the beginning 。 How many God kings have died! But now Jiang Lan sent the two seals to them. 。“ Second brother, you. You Jiang Fan was somewhat speechless. After receiving these,316ti stainless steel, your wish is satisfied. I hope you will not oppose Li'er and Xiaoyu any more. Jiang Lan looked at Jiang. Jiang Fan took a deep breath and looked at Jiang Fan: "Second brother.". Did you forget. I was the one who stopped you. I won't let you save Zuo Qiumei. Don't you hate me? Still willing to make this the hope of Tianzun 。 Give it to me? Jiang Lan sent out the seals of Houtu and Wanmin, which shocked Jiang Fan greatly. Resentment? Of course there is 。” Jiang Lan smiled indifferently. Just big brother, you have to understand. The dead man is dead. The most important thing is to make the living happier. I just want them to be happier. I am very happy to be an elder. 。