Beastmaster Ranger

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Especially the leather armor professional and cloth armor professional players,

Especially the leather armor professional and cloth armor professional players, simply dare not approach these fierce guys. Although the level of players is close to these regular NPC fighters, the strength gap can not be narrowed for a while. "Make way for the NPC to clean them up!" Shi Haoyu looked at the figure of the demon warrior who was entangled by the iron net in the middle, and then he was relieved to shout loudly. The soldiers immediately spread out on both sides, revealing a five-meter-wide gap, and the centurion immediately led the NPC soldiers to rush up, their spears plunging into the bodies of these enemies. With their help, the battle ended more quickly. Two hours passed from the introduction of the monster to the fall of the last monster, and the forest was once again quiet. A large group of players gathered in the forest, speechless looking at the dense monster corpses around them, because after the battle, they found that the enemy did not burst out a trophy. I go, such a strong monster, not even a coin? "The system is too stingy, and the map of the main city is not good enough." "Your sister has no experience value or contribution value!" …… At the end of the battle, the players who counted the booty found that after such a pleasant battle tonight, they did not gain anything in their experience column,Inflatable outdoor park, nor did they see any booty on the ground, nor even got a little contribution from the faction. Only Shi Haoyu understood that this was his exclusive escort task, and that nothing would fall out of these tasks. But there is still a great surprise, because after the battle, the players did not find the benefits, but the Centurion with a group of NPC soldiers, constantly looking for the bodies of the magic warriors,Inflatable meltdown, their armor and weapons directly off.. Looking at the NPC warriors, their short coats were covered by a layer of glittering armor, and their wooden spears were replaced by heavy swords and long knives. This is good, the original body of the Demon Warrior has not been refreshed for a long time, there is still this situation! As the weapons and armor of the corpses were removed, the corpses turned into shining white light and rushed into the sky. The centurion led thousands of soldiers in a neat line facing the corpse, saluting with one hand across the chest, with a sad look, looking up at the white light disappearing quickly. The players stood by and none of them spoke, knowing that% 2CNPC was remembering their fallen comrades. Shi Haoyu stood there quietly, watching the behavior of the centurion and the NPC soldiers. As an active serviceman, he also sighed with infinite emotion. The figure of the wolf soul and those dead comrades-in-arms seemed to appear in front of him again. A minute later, Inflatable mechanical bull ,Inflatable water park on lake, the commander led thousands of soldiers to turn around and stride in front of Shi Haoyu. Now the NPC warrior phalanx, has been completely different from before, 996 soldiers wearing golden armor, powerful stature, where is like a group of rabble who fled in short jackets and shorts not long ago? "My Lord, thank you for giving us the opportunity to avenge our comrades. Although the bodies occupied by these demon warriors are only part of our legions guarding the city, I will never forget your great kindness. This is my gratitude to you." The centurion, wearing an ordinary warrior's armor, reached into the breastplate, pulled out something from his close-fitting clothes, and handed it to the other side. Oh, you really have a treasure! Looking at a golden book in the palm of the centurion's hand, Shi Haoyu's eyes widened in surprise. Unexpectedly, there were other props hidden on the Centurion! Ding. System: Congratulations to the player Lonely Wolf Shadow, you have successfully helped the NPC legion to destroy the first round of magic ambush, in order to express your gratitude, please accept the additional reward of the commander! …… System prompts jump out, Shi Haoyu hurriedly took the golden book in the hands of the centurion, under the gaze of a large group of curious players, to check the attributes of this additional reward. Whoa! In the cry of surprise, as the attributes of this golden book were displayed, all the players exhaled in surprise. [Energy Stone Tower Manufacturing Book]: Advanced architect props, after use, you can learn how to make city defense stone towers, you can build advanced energy defense towers. My God, it's an energy turret construction book! Shi Haoyu was also shocked to open his mouth, he never thought that he could get this level of additional rewards, but also the construction method of the energy tower. According to the setting of the system, only when an alliance territory is upgraded to the city level, the system will add three energy turrets to each of the four towers of the territory as a symbol of upgrading the city. However, this kind of energy tower can not be built directly in the order of territory management. It is an additional super defense building. Players need to find the construction book of energy turret to improve the city's defense system. As long as you have the manufacturing book and get enough materials, players can build as many energy turrets as they want on the tower. Once the whole tower is full of energy turrets, it will be a great deterrent to the enemies who covet the city! This kind of energy turret has the longest range, the greatest damage, and the group attack damage in a small area. Even the soldiers of the NPC legion guarding the city, such as the powerful NPC of the centurion, dare not withstand an attack of the energy turret, which shows the powerful power of this kind of weapon guarding the city. The energy turret is especially more powerful in deterring long-range siege weapons. Within its range, the siege machinery will be automatically attacked first. The energy light bullets fired by the energy turret cause damage to the siege vehicle that consumes a hundred times the durability value at a time. It can be said that it is the best defensive turret against siege weapons.. Even in a super main city like Nangong City,inflatable floating water park, not all the energy turrets are deployed on the tower, but only one turret is deployed at a distance. Not bad, I got the construction book of the energy turret! Feng Yafei exclaimed. It's just a construction book. This turret is not easy to build. Shi Haoyu put the book into the package and said lightly.