My ex-girlfriend is back.

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They are not good enough, usually caught only a dead end, so, rather than wandering around the outside precarious escape, it is better to attach to a strong man,brushed stainless steel sheet, under his protection, until one day, become a big demon that no one dares to touch! "So that

"My name is Qiuyue. I found out before that my sister was sold to Taishifu as a servant girl, so I came to disturb and confirm it. I also asked you two to help me find Miss Qiuxiang." Qiuyue pursed her lips when she said this. "I also want to know if she is my sister." Although the servant is also suspicious, but Qiuyue is another living Qiuxiang, if this is really Qiuxiang's twin sister, blocking her will destroy Qiuxiang's chance to recognize relatives? Both of them came to Taishifu as servants because their families were poor and helpless. There were old mothers, wives and children in the family. If they were separated from their relatives, they would certainly hope to find their separated relatives. Just now I saw that the autumn moon was flat and eager, and the servants could not bear it. The girl, please wait here for a moment. The servant who spoke first winked at his companion and turned to enter the gate. Not long after, accompanied by a messy sound of footsteps, a large group of servant girls appeared in front of the door. When his eyes touched the autumn moon standing in front of the door, he gasped. These servant girls all heard the servant to report that there was a girl at the door who looked exactly like Qiu Xiang's sister, and that she was Qiu Xiang's sister, so they came out together to have a look. At first glance, I was really frightened. The pomegranate walking in the front was the first to run to Qiuyue and looked around her several times. "Tut, it's really the same as Qiuxiang." Qiuxiang walked to the front of Qiuyue and reached out to touch Qiuyue's face gently, "You.." Is it my sister? Qiuyue also showed a shallow smile at this time, "it's true." There is no need for more proof, the face of the autumn moon explains the fact. Qiu Xiang couldn't help covering her mouth with tears in her eyes and repeating in a low voice,stainless steel welded pipe, "Sister." Elder sister Said can no longer control, a hug Qiuyue, can not suppress the cry from the mouth overflow, as if to vent the grievances of these years. Taishi's wife was very kind to her, and her food, shelter and clothing were better than those of ordinary servants, but after all,304 stainless steel wire, she was a servant girl who had signed a contract of sale, depending on others and relying on others. She will also be excluded because she is highly regarded by her wife, and she will be molested because of her beauty. Fortunately, her wife protects her, otherwise. Now, her sister has found her. She has a family. Standing in the back of the servant girls are a look of empathy, servant girls are different from the servants, mostly because the family has no money, and Qiu Xiang was sold to Taishifu, there are also some housekeepers bought from the hands of human traffickers. They also hope that one day, their brothers and sisters will come to them. Let them know that there are still people in the world who miss them. You didn't cry that much when you were a kid. Qiuyue patted her on the back. "Don't cry. This is in front of the Taishi Mansion." Only then did Qiu Xiang realize that she had lost her temper. She lifted her head from the shoulder socket of Qiu Yue. When she looked back, she found that the servant girls and servants were all watching from behind. She was a little embarrassed. Sister, you wait here for a while, mirror stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, I go to tell madam, let you go into the house and chat with me. Then she ran in. The author has something to say: the chapters owed before will be made up in these two days. tat This week is vitality. If you don't make it up, you'll be in a dark room. Please wait for me to explode.. [Summary] Ex-Girlfriend Comes Back Chapter 37 Gold Four Talents Seven Lady Hua has a unique dignity, which is exclusive to the superior, so that she can control the servants under her. Although she is not very strict with the servants at ordinary times, once she makes a mistake, she will never tolerate it. Are you Qiu Xiang's sister? Mrs. Hua opened her mouth, unable to hear her anger, and looked at the autumn moon standing in the middle. Qiuyue's eyes did not dodge in the face of Mrs. Hua, and her attitude was neither arrogant nor very respectful. "Yes." "What proof do you have that my big servant girl is your sister?" Mrs. Hua is not Qiu Xiang, a word can be fooled. She has a lot more life experience than Qiu Xiang, and she also knows that there are many talented people outside the world among the people, and it is nothing to get the same face. Qiuyue took out the small gold lock in her bosom and handed it to Qiuxiang. "This is what Dad hit us when we were full moon, one for you and one for me.". When Dad was seriously ill, he didn't want to sell it, hoping that if we were separated in the future, maybe there would be a glimmer of hope to find each other. Qiu Xiang trembled with both hands to take the small gold lock of the autumn moon, the style is simple, it does not look like a very valuable thing, but. Is the most important thing to them. When Mrs. Hua saw that Qiu Xiang had taken out the same small gold lock, she was much less suspicious of Qiu Yue. "In that case, Miss Qiu Yue will live in Taishi Mansion first." Qiuyue shook her head and refused. "Madam, Qiuyue still has friends living in the inn. She may fail to live up to her good intentions." Hearing this, Qiu Xiang was a little anxious and said, "Sister." "Sister won't go. If you have nothing to do, just come and find her." And Qiuxiang after recognition, Qiuyue also no longer stay, ready to say thanks to leave but was stopped by Mrs. Hua, according to Mrs. Hua's meaning is to give Qiuxiang a grace, let Qiuyue live in the house, a good cultivation of sisterly feelings. Now that Qiuyue has a place to live, she will accompany Qiuxiang here for a while before leaving. It is also for the sake of Qiu Xiang's careful service to her over the years. The back garden has always been a place for maids to chat. This day became the research conference of Qiuxiang Qiuyue. These servant girls are originally in the high family, this is the first time to see such a similar person, plus Qiu Xiang has always been popular, they are also curious about the autumn moon. After chatting for more than half an hour, everyone no longer marveled at the appearance of Qiuyue and Qiuxiang, but began to ask Qiuyue about the local conditions and customs of Suzhou and other miscellaneous things. Qiu Xiang from the beginning did not open his mouth, a face of helplessness looking at these good sisters around the autumn moon to ask questions, only when they are just a moment of curiosity. Only half an hour passed, and seeing that they began to inquire about things in Suzhou again, Qiu Xiang could not sit still. This is the grace that Mrs. Hua specially gave her, let her and elder sister have a good chat,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, this can be good, half an hour passed, she unexpectedly did not say a word and elder sister.