Harem-Legend of Zhen Huan

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Matailai's body, filled with the divine power of terror, every inch of skin is flowing with terrible light, shining nine days and ten places, the whole person is like a God in the world,Pi tape measure, so that heaven and earth are shocked. In the snow mountain in the distance, Ram Q

I had a great hatred in my heart and diverted the tiger away from the mountain-but I also knew that I could not ask Cao Jieyu anything. Holding down his fanatical hatred, he asked Cuiyu, "Do you have any evidence?" Cuiyu's eyes were red in an instant. After all, she was not reconciled. She gnashed her teeth angrily and said, "No." I am gloomy, gloomy is for Chun son grievance and unwilling. She was only fifteen years old, as young as a flower bud, and should have been carefree and happy at the knee of her parents. I was silent for a long time, trying to suppress the surge of sorrow and hatred in my heart. I picked up Cuiyu and took a slow breath and said, "Now you can't say anything without proof. You can come to my palace to serve me first. Let's wait for the opportunity." Cuiyu kept silent with tears in her eyes, but she had no alternative after all. Outside the hall was the endless darkness of the night, and even a half-moon moon could not illuminate the thick night and the sadness of the passing away. The huge harem is as quiet as a tomb, with a bone-eating chill, which is the chill accumulated by countless ghosts. Even the two eternal palace lanterns outside the Yannian Hall are like phosphorus fire, the eyes of ghosts. With a bright hatred in my eyes, I looked at Chun'er's body and said, "If your young lady was really killed, I will avenge her and never let her die in vain!" On the day of mourning, the empress and all the concubines came to the Yannian Palace. Holding back my grief, I took the dress I had already prepared to change for the dead Chun'er. When the empress saw that I had changed my clothes for Chun'er, she stood beside me and wept. She sighed and said softly, "Fang Liangyuan has been in the palace for a long time. Now she is in her prime of life and is pitied by the emperor. Why can't she serve the emperor more and suddenly go away?"? What a pity! Hua Fei also sighed: "It's a pity to be so young." Hua Fei, Ji Fei, Jing Fei and Cao Jieyu were all wiping their tears. I had stopped crying and looked coldly at Hua Fei, who was standing far away at the door of the temple,cattle weight tape, wiping her tears and sobbing. I only felt unspeakable boredom and hatred. At this time, Xuan Ling's imperial edict arrived, which was sent to the Ministry of Rites and copied to the six palaces: "Liangyuan Fangshi is endowed with a gentle and good nature. She is a member of the Communist Party of China. She is pious and respectful to the precepts of Pingzao, and shows the appearance of Heng Huang.". Today, once the disease, hurriedly passed away, to the heart of regret, the ceremony should be respected. Special into the name of the seal, to Zhao Shude,Diameter tape measure, posthumous title for Chun Pin. All funeral rites are like the rites of a noble concubine. Seven days later, he ordered the Zi Palace to be moved to the Mausoleum of the Thai Concubine to be buried with the former Defei, Xianfei and several concubines who had died earlier. This person has passed away, Xuan Ling can only do this. The concubines of the palace, who were in low positions, kept whispering to each other, rejoicing for Chun'er: It is not in vain to mourn and honor so much after death! As for me, I would rather Chuner did not have these undeserved fame and position. In a trance, as if she were still in my palace, she suddenly pointed to the crabapple tree, tilted her head and said with a smile, "Sister, shall I go and break a flower?" So fresh and amiable. I knew it was her, turned her eyes to Hua Fei, clenched her fingers, this is the living life that died around me, if there is really any hands and feet to make Chuner die, I must, Walking tape measure ,horse weight tape, must get it all back! Note: (1): Catch Seven: a Boudoir Game Harem — — The Legend of Zhen Huan Chapter 60 Flowers Fall Chapter Words: 4112 Updated: 07-03-22 23:00 The war in the southwest finally ended with the victory of Dazhou, and it was a great honor for a Dynasty and an emperor to recover the long-lost territory. On the day when the troops returned to the court, Xuan Ling was rewarded, which was the time when his brother was successful and famous. The military commander was famous in the first World War, and his elder brother was given the title of general of Fengguo, and was given the honor of marriage, which was also regarded as the success of youth. Naturally, it was the time when Runan Wang Xuanji and the Murong clan had the greatest momentum. Xuanji enjoyed the prince's double salary, riding in Ziao City, the father of Hua Fei, Murong Kui, was granted the title of First Class Jiayi Hou, the eldest son Murong Shisong was Jingping Bo, and the second son Murong Shibai was Suiping Bo. And Hua Fei's mother, Huang Shi, was also particularly favored, and received the letters patent from the lady of the second grade plain mansion, such as the mother of the four imperial concubines. The Chinese imperial concubine of the imperial harem was also conferred the title of Lady Cong Yipin Xihua, who enjoyed the honor and enjoyed it as if she were at the height of her power. Her family's military exploits were outstanding, her palms were in charge of the power of the six palaces, and she was favored by Xuan Ling. In this way, everything was perfect, and the only regret was that she had no children. Since the recovery of the body, Mei Zhuang gradually does not like to go out, for Xuan Ling's favor is also dispensable, not lucky to see. Now the situation is so pressing, no matter how restrained and tolerant Mei Zhuang is, he finally can't hold his breath. When Mei Zhuang came to my palace that day, it was abrupt. The supervisor outside the door had just finished reporting that she had gone straight in, and even the maid of honor had not helped her. When I saw that her face was pale and uncertain, I knew that she must have something to say, so I ordered everyone out. Mei Zhuang bit his lower lip tightly, his chest rose and fell, and his face was red with anger and unwillingness. I poured a cup of Biluochun in front of her and said softly, "Why is my sister wronged?" Mei Zhuang held the teacup in her hand and did not drink it. Her face was a little hazy in the fragrance of the tea. After a while, she said bitterly, "Concubine Hua." I looked at her tactfully and said softly, "Sister, it's Mrs. Xihua." Mei Zhuang couldn't help it any longer. The teacup in his hand shook heavily and the tea splashed in all directions. Mei Zhuang clenched his silver teeth tightly and took a hard bite. "Lady Xihua?!" He said! I only hate that I don't have a good father and a good brother to fight in the battlefield, which is a cheap bitch in vain! I got up leisurely and teased a snow-white parrot on the golden shelf. "Don't get too angry, sister," I said with a slight smile. Lady Xihua-so hot, why do I think it is the appearance of the first emperor's Lady Yuer? Mei Zhuang was puzzled. He frowned and said thoughtfully, "Lady Yu Er?" I added water for the parrot, held the pearl flower on his temples, and said slowly, "Lady Yu'e is the birth mother of the King of Runan and the younger sister of the Marquis of Boling. In the tenth year of Longqing, the Marquis of Boling rebelled. Lady Yu'e was deeply implicated and died of depression without favor." I smiled faintly and said, "For this reason, Lady Yu'e has not even been given the title of imperial concubine. She is still not allowed to enter the Imperial Ancestral Temple to receive incense." Mei Zhuang smiled bitterly. "How could the Murong family rebel?" I slightly sneer: "Why need to rebel?"? It is enough to have a high performance. Besides, they won't, and neither will the king of Runan. Only then did Meizhuang smile and say, "I've heard about it, too. In recent years, the King of Runan has become increasingly domineering. He once humiliated the civil officials in the court,fish measuring tape, and the palace was extremely extravagant.". The government and the public criticized him, and the supervisors played one after another, but the emperor just laughed it off and treated him more and more kindly. 。 tapemeasure.net