Super abomination

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Thank you very much for this." Liu Qi smiled indifferently and said directly: Fang Yun, do you remember what I said? Liu Che can give you, I can give you! As long as you can help me thoroughly, then the future Fangjia will be more prominent than it is now. And I can even canonize you

Gradually, the activation agent began to play a role, and the surface of the stone began to become transparent. It reveals the complex and changeable energy magic lines and core energy inside. Little by little, when the whole stone became transparent, the deformed brother took out a thin hollow steel needle. The steel needle is carved with magic patterns, and the deformed brother holds it in his palm. Two very fine rays of thunder jumped up and wrapped around the steel needle. As if some device had been activated, the tip of the steel needle slowly congealed a sharp and unusually thin thunder drill bit. Almost all the eyeballs were attached to the newly condensed drill bit. On the deformed brother's face, sweat beads as big as soybeans slid down, nervously and carefully controlling the energy output, trying to keep the condensed thunder drill bit stable and rotating. Pow! A tiny flash of lightning flashed across the drill, and the steel needle, which shone with tiny blue thunder, was immediately blown to pieces. The activation agent was affected and lost its effect. Failed again! Marne rolled his tongue and looked at the mark of the frost stone with two eyes, and his eyes were a little more impatient. The shaman said nothing, but his face became more and more gloomy. The deformed brother gasped slightly, wiped away his sweat, and looked at the steel scraps with a wry smile: "I'm going to be preached by the dead fat man again." This is the number of failures, the deformed brothers do not know. But even with the super constitution of several people, they also felt tired, which shows the hardship of this experiment. With a sigh, he took off his white gown, and the deformed brother moved his stiff limbs: "Let's have a rest first. I'll practice the skill of using steel needles more,indoor endless pool, and when I have the results.." Before the deformed brother had finished speaking, Marne twisted his body and turned into a dark red stripe. He went out through the crack of the door. Shaman also ignored the noise, directly pushed the door and went out. Looking at the back of the two grandfathers, the deformed brother secretly scolded the bastard. After scratching his head, he turned around and began to practice controlling the steel needle. Received the benefits of the mountain master, three people can be so cooperative. Plus the dead fat man's medicine effect is extremely good, several people are not good to dial the mountain master face, this just had a scene. Not to mention the ice hockey,outdoor whirlpool tub, even the frost stone mark is hard to break with the joint efforts of several people. However, after this period of research and experiments, we finally found a way to break the frost stone mark. If feasible, it is only a matter of time before the altar is built. .................................................. He was dressed in low-key coarse clothes and carried a valuable bag of magic materials. The age is not big, the stature is thin and short, between the eyebrow congeals a little restrained and steady. He weighed the cloth bag in his hand, which had been traded by Shan Ye in various stalls and black markets in the fortress these days. Of course, there are also some unlucky people who want to lay a black hand, but are swallowed into the belly by the mountain master. With a smile on his face, Shan Ye just stepped into the yard and was about to molest the little maid he had just bought. A burst of system prompts immediately tore Shan Ye's good mood into pieces. Ding! The Holy Blood Radiation attacks again, the attribute value is reduced by 90%, and the duration is one month! Shan Ye's face changed dramatically, and his facial muscles twitched like a pile driver. Cold sweat slipped down his forehead, and the mountain master forced himself to calm down. With a pale face, he hid in his room and pressed his breathless chest. His eyes were so shocked that he could no longer hide it: "What's going on?!!" Pulling his hair hard, endless pool factory ,outdoor hot tub, Shan Ye felt his body sink, and the attribute value dropped to 10% again, even lower than last time. Trying to breathe, big breath, Shan Ye felt like a fish on the shore, his throat wrapped in lead, unable to breathe. Heavy feeling, the body seems to be wearing a spacesuit, every movement seems to be extremely laborious. Looking at the system prompt again, Shan Ye's face was as gloomy as the bottom of a pot. This again attack of the holy blood radiation, not only longer, but also reduce the attributes of more, is the final is to directly obliterate their own? Thinking of this, the mountain master was frightened, and his facial features were twisted and ferocious. Accustomed to the self-confidence brought by powerful forces, it is not a happy thing for Shan Ye to be knocked down to the bottom of the valley again. Slowly breathing evenly, the expression eased down, Shan Ye restlessly paced back and forth, the first thought is not how to restore strength, but how to leave here. Yeah, how to get out of here. After the system is perfected, it is partly integrated with the laws of the world. Therefore, when the level of Shan Ye rises to a certain level, there will naturally be a unique breath on his body. This is a kind of indescribable thing, just like the domineering in One Piece, invisible, but people can not ignore it. Shan Ye can vaguely feel that in this small courtyard, there are three different energies. One place is full of hatred and blood, giving people a sense of suffocation of black solidification. A green with life, but it seems a little ferocious and tyrannical. There is also a shining blue thunder, like a ball of light. Marne the Skinner, the Shaman, the Deformed Brother. Three people came to this fortress, each has its own purpose. The skinner Marne is looking for the secret skill of the skinner, and at the same time, he should be ordered by the Holy See to fight against the half-magic man. The shaman and the deformed brothers, however, were ordered by the Cross Eye Chamber of Commerce to investigate the half-demon offensive and add to the half-demon attack by the way. The situation on the mainland is both good and bad for Cross Eye. If you want to make a chamber of commerce famous, you should not only do a good job in business, but also show your strength and details from time to time. Like the shaman and the deformed brothers, the strong men controlled by the Cross Eye Chamber of Commerce are basically sent to the places where the half-magic people are rampant, just like advertising, to make a name for themselves. Shan Ye is most afraid of the fact that at this time, three people found themselves weak. Ma En even his own son is not spared, shaman and deformed brothers are not good goods, how can we say that the resentment is written off? Breath is a very suspenseful thing. Shan Ye's side just lowered the attribute value, Ma En and Shaman found out one after another. The deformed brother was concentrating on controlling the steel needle, but he did not notice anything unusual. In a dark room,endless swim spa, on the bed, the disgusting wriggling dark red stripes slowly stopped, revealing Marne wrapped in the middle.