Ten years of ignorance and a hundred years of heart

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Thank you very much for this." Liu Qi smiled indifferently and said directly: Fang Yun, do you remember what I said? Liu Che can give you, I can give you! As long as you can help me thoroughly, then the future Fangjia will be more prominent than it is now. And I can even canonize you

Empress Wang did not seem to care whether Emperor Ming of Zhou had taken the medicine or not. She stood in a daze for a while and suddenly said, "Grandfather Hu, you have served two emperors of the Zhou Dynasty. You are the old man in the palace." Grandfather Hu hastened to say, "The slave entered the palace at the age of thirteen. It has been fifty-three years this year. It is the slave's honor to be able to serve his masters." Queen Wang muttered to herself, "Thirteen years old.." Fifty-three years. That's a long time. Grandfather Hu, the Ai family is going to see Your Majesty. You lead the way. Grandfather Hu quickly promised and led the way, saying, "Your Royal Highness has just come. Lord Guo said he had something important to report and left in a hurry." The cloud thought to himself, I don't know what the most urgent event has happened, the emperor is so sick that he may die at any time, how can he go away, in case there is something. What can I do! Empress Wang, however, was not worried at all. She promised to show that she knew. After a pause, she asked, "The Ai family is becoming less and less concerned about the affairs of the court. Which Lord Guo is it?" Grandfather Hu said, "Lord Guo Jingzhi." Queen Wang frowned, "Guo Jingzhi?"? Is that the assistant minister of the Ministry of War, the one your Highness used to send him to work in other places? Grandfather Hu nodded and said,4 person jacuzzi, "Lord Guo is now the Minister of War." Queen Wang said, "Oh," and waved to the others to step down. The cloud breathed a sigh of relief. Just as she was about to slip away, Queen Wang pointed at her and said, "Come here." The cloud had to go in with her. Hu father-in-law has not squint, then looked at her, want to know who is so popular with the empress, see her appearance,whirlpool hot tub, but stupefied, a living ghost look, then use words to cover up their surprise, "empress.". Your Highness has just fallen asleep. Queen Wang didn't notice anything strange about him. She didn't care very much and said, "It's all right. I'll just sit here.". If you tell him to go down, no one can disturb him, even if his Highness comes. Grandfather Hu promised to take him to the door to go out. Queen Wang stopped him, "and you go to the imperial pharmacy and ask Sun Yuhua to send the medicine over." Grandfather Hu thought she was going to persuade Your Majesty to take the medicine in person, so he hurried there. The cloud stood there at a loss, the huge Jingtai Hall, the candlelight, the half-dead emperor lying on the bed, sitting beside the silent queen, endless swimming pool ,outdoor endless pool, how to look at how strange. She didn't even dare to breathe, so she had to play with her fingers in boredom. Queen Wang thought about her own affairs, but after a while she suddenly said, "How have you been all these years? Are you happy? Are you happy?" Without waiting for the cloud to answer, she sighed and said, "I'm not happy at all. I've been thinking about it for so many years, but everything is just so so.". I don't know how many people's lives have been ruined by this cold and gloomy palace. I am tired of living to this point, and I don't care about life or death. "She glanced at the emperor on the dragon's bed, lost in thought, as if talking to herself," When did it begin? Your Majesty, when did you start to ignore the government and hang out with the Taoist priests all day? It was from the day of an Guifei's death that the idea of rising in the daytime and going to the afterlife to find her came into being, didn't it? When the cloud heard this, his heart suddenly beat wildly. Was it for this reason that the fatuous Emperor Ming of Zhou indulged in making alchemy and seeking immortals to visit the Tao? Who is the An Guifei mentioned by Queen Wang? Queen Wang paused and said, "So you don't take medicine either. You want to die, so that you can sleep with her underground and grow old together, don't you?"? But what about the land and the country, the inheritance of the Zhou Dynasty for more than 170 years, and our orphans and widows? Don't you want them all? Queen Wang paused and said, "So you don't take medicine either. You want to die, so that you can sleep with her underground and grow old together, don't you?"? But what about the land and the country, the inheritance of the Zhou Dynasty for more than 170 years, and our orphans and widows? Don't you want them all? What face do you have to see the ancestors of the Yan family after your death? Then he pulled the cloud and asked loudly, "Even if we orphans and widows are sorry for you, but what about her? She is your own daughter. Don't you open your eyes and look at her?" The cloud was so frightened that it collapsed on the ground and almost fainted, trembling and unable to speak. What? Are you the daughter of the dying man in front of you? Is the queen crazy? What nonsense! The cloud looked up in astonishment at Queen Wang, whose face was somewhat twisted, and knew that she was not only not mad, but very sober. Queen Wang grabbed Yuner's hand and said with an expressionless face, "Come here." The cloud fell to the ground and refused to move. Queen Wang said coldly, "Your father is going to die. Why don't you go and see him?" The cloud was frightened by her words and said in a daze, "You made a mistake. My father is Yunping, the imperial censor, not him." Empress Wang sneered at Emperor Ming of Zhou and said, "You see, this is your retribution. Even your own daughter doesn't recognize you." Zhou Mingdi's eyelids moved, but he didn't open them. Queen Wang said, "You heard it all, didn't you?" She took Zhou Mingdi's withered hand on Yuner's face and said softly, "Do you feel it?"? This is your daughter. Haven't you always wanted a daughter? The cloud panicked, and the touch of the lifeless skin on her face gave her a layer of goose bumps, and the boundless fear overwhelmed her so that she could hardly breathe. She shook off Queen Wang's hand and was about to run away. However, she had no strength at all. Her whole body was weak and weak. It was difficult for her to stand up. Remembering the cup of green tea that Greensleeves had poured for her in the Palace of the Moon,outdoor whirlpool, she exclaimed in her heart: It's over! Queen Wang said coldly, "Don't bother. Sometimes it's not necessarily a good thing to have martial arts.". I told you these things today, and I didn't intend to let you live. monalisa.com