Bone-off incense

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Thank you very much for this." Liu Qi smiled indifferently and said directly: Fang Yun, do you remember what I said? Liu Che can give you, I can give you! As long as you can help me thoroughly, then the future Fangjia will be more prominent than it is now. And I can even canonize you

Jiang Xiaosi sat on his lap, hugging his waist, smiling like a thief, with his feet sticking up. Shen Mo did not swing for a long time on the dizzy, listening to Jiang Xiaosi said soft love words, face can not help but some slightly red. Moonlight, neon lights, everything is blurred and unclear. Suddenly a burst of unknown fear, how is he willing to let a person so deeply engraved into his heart? Let him want to give her all the care, all the love. "Jiang Xiaosi." "Hm?" Jiang Xiaosi turned his head and looked at him. Shen Mo lowered his head and touched her lips lightly. But I didn't think it would be the last kiss between them. Identity disclosure The next day, because Jiang Xiaosi drank a little wine the night before and slept soundly, Shen Mo did not wake her up and went out by himself. Jiang Xiaosi woke up at noon and saw a note left on the table, asking her not to go there today, but to eat something by herself. Heart can not say sweet, thought should put a rose in the bedside, ha ha. After washing, someone knocked at the door and the waiter brought the food. It was ordered by Mr. Shen, who said that he would invite Miss Jiang to go to Sanshen Island to find him after eating. Why did he go there and finish his work so quickly? Where is Sanshin-jima? "Hire a boat to go down the river for about ten kilometers, and the boatman knows it." Jiang Xiaosi nodded and called Shen Mo while eating, but he couldn't get through. Does he have any surprise for himself? You're not going to propose so soon, are you? Jiang Xiaosi giggled as he fantasized. Shen Mo and his staff were excavating under the tomb, and there was no mobile phone signal. On the way, a small collapse suddenly occurred, trapping them inside. On the premise of not damaging the tomb, only small bulldozers and artificial excavation and rescue can be used. Shen Mo in the heart faintly felt uneasy, fortunately a Wei and a Yin two type God has been following in Jiang Xiaosi side, should not have too big problem. A Wei is a fire beast, a Yin is a fox demon, powerful, even against the present Messing is more than enough. Jiang Xiaosi did not doubt that he had gone to Sanshen Island. A Wei a Yin felt strange that he wanted to contact Shen Mo but could not. It seemed that someone had used magic to obstruct him, so he had to follow Jiang Xiaosi secretly. Jiang Xiaosi went to Sanshen Island, but he still couldn't get through to Shen Mo and didn't know where to find him. The island is not big, because it is a little far from the ancient town and has not been developed for tourism,endless swimming pool, so few people come here. However, it is not reasonable to say that there is no one, right? Vaguely realized that it was wrong, after all, it was just a message from the waiter, and anyone could have led her here. He immediately prepared to leave the island, only to find that he was trapped in the woods and someone had spilled black dog blood around him. Because she is half human and half zombie, and has beads in her body, plus after all, she has lived for thousands of years, ordinary zombies are afraid of black head blood, glutinous rice, sunshine, spells, which can not hurt her, but physical attacks against ordinary people are more harmful to her. But the blood did not know what to mix, so that she did not dare to approach. If it was Messing, outdoor spa manufacturers ,5 person hot tub, it wouldn't be possible, would it? Unless he hired someone else. Jiang Xiaosi holds the tree, she does not know how today, seems to be unusually weak, the direct sunlight makes her feel dizzy. Was what I just ate drugged? No, I reached out and felt in my bag. Because I came out to play, I didn't bring anything. Although I have learned some magic under the supervision of Shen Mo in the past few years, it is still difficult to protect myself when I meet a strong opponent. The circle that pressed her was narrowing, and the pungent smell was stronger, but her opponent used camouflage, and she looked around nervously but could not see anything. There was a fire burning in her body, a thirst for blood was surging, and long nails grew on her hands, leaving deep scratches on the tree trunk. Suddenly, two figures, one red and one white, appeared in front of her, with their backs to her. The woman in white had strange fox ears and tails, and the man in red had red hair. They made a gesture of escort and shouted at the people who were making trouble. Jiang Xiaosi guessed that it should be Shen Mo who said that he was specially sent to protect her. He breathed a sigh of relief and concentrated on controlling his bloodthirsty impulse. That person finally appeared, not only Jiang Xiaosi, even a Wei and a Yin are startled, unexpectedly is the heart of fish and water! A Wei and a Yin looked at each other with a look of embarrassment on their faces. "What are you doing, Sister Shuixin?" They asked. "Didn't you see what I did?" Yu Shuixin said coldly. Subordinates are ordered by the master to protect Miss Xiao Si. Please don't embarrass us. The first thing they thought of was Yu Shuixin, who was jealous because Shen Mo and Jiang Xiaosi were in love, so they persecuted him. Protect? She is a thousand-year-old zombie, and she still needs your protection? Yushuixin sneers. A Wei and a Yin are not stunned, looked back at Jiang Xiaosi, see her painful spasm appearance, the heart is not frightened a big jump. Go away, Shen Mo was confused by her, blind eyes, obviously as a member of the Shen family, I subdue demons and exorcise ghosts, the most disgusting is inhuman. Unexpectedly will be cheated by a small zombie, today let me beat her back to her original shape, let Shen Mo take a good look at it! A Wei and a Yin are stunned, do not know what to do for a while, if Jiang Xiaosi is really a zombie, the two of them in her side guard for so long why did not find? If the master knew, with his character, he would be mad. This fish water heart is the fish family person, the magic is superb, hates evil, and the master has been good friends, naturally is more credible. If Jiang Xiaosi is really a zombie, this matter is no small matter, but the task assigned by the master must be completed. A Wei winked at a Yin, who immediately disappeared and fled, informing Shen Mo that he had gone. Yu Shuixin stepped forward and said angrily, "Go away!"! Are you going to turn against me over a zombie? Do you think you can beat me or drag me to Shen Mo? "I dare not." A Wei leaned back and sweat slipped from his forehead. "I just hope Sister Shuixin can wait for the master to come over and how to deal with it. I believe the master has his own decision." "He has long been fascinated by this woman, I just want to beat her back to her original shape before he comes, let him see clearly, do you let or not?" "Sister Shuixin." A Wei opened his mouth with difficulty, and saw that Jiang Xiaosi was already uncomfortable and curled up on the ground,jacuzzi swim spa, his eyes were blood-red, and what was it if it wasn't a zombie? Finally, he turned sideways.