Acura Female Doctor: Abandoned Women with Babies Are Arrogant

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When Gu Changsheng saw this, he took a distant look at the chaotic arena and raised his voice. Chapter 1125 the decision to kill! "When the arena is repaired, I am waiting for the news that the Nirvana Tournament will be held again in the castellan mansion!" This sentence succe

"Grandmother-in-law.." This is my son. Gu Changsheng opened his mouth with a face of shame. This is the younger generation of my old lady! Old Mrs. Zuoqiu protected the small meat bag tightly and opened her mouth without giving an inch. ……” Well, you always win! You are always a cheap elder, and you are always an uncle! But the point is, will you always return your son to us? Go, go, go! Don't rob the child with my old lady, my old lady is very rare! With a warning glance at Gu Changsheng, the old lady Zuoqiu turned to the small meat bag in her arms like a spring breeze, and opened her mouth with a spoiled face, "Go, little baby, go with great-grandparents, great-grandparents home, there are a lot of machine card toys, all kinds of things.." Gu Changsheng sees this, immediately wooden! I've seen the villain complain first, but I've never seen the villain complain first! What do you mean she robbed the baby? She is the real mother of the little meat bag, okay? Also, can you always be ferocious to us one second, and to your own son the next? This makes me very hurt, and I kind of doubt whether I have any charm? Really? Great-grandparents, do you really have a lot of machine card toys in your home? Just like this mecha puppet that will meet everyone? And the little meat bag,10g Ozone Generator, as soon as he heard the words of the old lady Zuoqiu, immediately opened his mouth with great interest. Of course it's true. How could the great-grandmother cheat the little boy? Old Mrs. Zuoqiu beamed. Gu Changsheng wants to cry without tears! Shit, is this your own son or not? Your mother is here. Why are you so excited to go with Grandma Wolf? Looking at Zuoqiu old lady holding her own small meat bag, talking and laughing in front of him, Gu Changsheng's face, is black! Black! "Well, little boy, I'll take care of him and make sure he doesn't spoil your son!"! Don't worry! Don't worry! Hey,ceramic igniter electrodes, hey. When Zhuge Gan passed by Gu Changsheng, he made a kind promise. Gu Changsheng listens to this, the face is more black a few minutes. Shit, what do you mean you can't play with her son? Try to spoil her son! My God! Help! Someone robbed a child in broad daylight! Looking at the old lady Zuoqiu who walked down the ring with her own small meat bag, Gu Changsheng looked sad! This Nima, what is it called! She just came to participate in a nirvana tournament, inexplicably more than a grandmother-in-law, this good son, but also so stunned to be taken away! This "My Lord, you don't want the psychic treasure for free, do you." The sable cicada looked at his own adult, still struggling with the psychic treasure he almost got! "If you dare to say that I am not stupid, do you believe that I beat you all over the floor every minute?" Gu Changsheng gnashed his teeth. Uh. Fine! The adult, the little childe, he. "What can I do if an old man wants to rob him and he is willing to run away with him?" Gu Changsheng looked at the mecha puppet who was following the old lady Zuoqiu and waving his claws at him. His face was constipated, Ceramic Band Heater ,Ceramic Bobbin, and he couldn't help cursing, "Bear child, an unripe white-eyed wolf!" Angrily finished, Gu Changsheng a twinkling of an eye, saw the ground was thrown at random a dragon head crutch, this is the left Qiu old lady! No way, you can't throw it here, right? At least she is a junior, and she has to be picked up by others, doesn't she? Bend down, bend over, take the leading crutch in your hand, Gu Changsheng feels, this is probably a deal, Ya's Zuoqiu old lady abducted her son, but pressed her own leading crutch here. "What are you waiting for?"? Don't you enjoy yourself in the taxi? Leave Took a look at the side of Zhou Mu and kill, Gu Changsheng greeted, and went to the ring. Zhou Mu and kill absolutely looked at each other, two people's eyes, all show a touch of helpless color, can only step up to keep up. Leaving behind a group of reclusive parents and children standing there, as well as corpses on the ground, bloody and dazzling. "That.." That Nanhuang, you wait. But when Gu Changsheng stepped down from the ring, a happy girl's voice sounded behind her, followed by the sound of footsteps. Nanhuang, that is our grandmother-in-law's dragon head crutch, you don't have to work hard, let's take it! Let's just get it! Zhuge Man and Zuo Qiu yuanyuan caught up with him. Zhuge Man stared at the girl's bun, blinked his big eyes, stretched out his hand to Gu Changsheng, and said with a smile. Zuo Qiu yuanyuan also nodded, apparently agreeing with Zhuge Man's words. Kidding! Didn't you two see my son was taken? This is the mortgage. When my grandmother returns my son, I will return the crutches to her! When Gu Changsheng heard this, he took a look at Zhuge Manman and Zuo Qiu yuanyuan and opened his mouth without a nap. The two young men choked when they heard this. When Gu Changsheng saw this, he did not linger much and turned away. "Well, what if the grandmother doesn't want the crutch?" However, Gu Changsheng only took two steps, and behind him came Zhuge Manman's tentative question. When Gu Changsheng heard this, he couldn't help staggering! What do you mean? What does that mean? This means that the grandmother-in-law has the posture of robbing her own son and not returning it, right? Swelling can be like this? Gu Changsheng mouth slightly pumping, can not help but turn around, a hand in the hands of the leading crutches to the left Qiu yuanyuan threw the past, "back to you!"! Tell your grandmother not to spoil that boy! Give it back to me when you've had enough, and I'm counting on him to retire! “……” Catching the dragon head crutch, Zuo Qiu yuanyuan nodded with a speechless face. When Gu Changsheng saw this, he took a distant look at the chaotic arena and raised his voice. Chapter 1125 the decision to kill! "When the arena is repaired, I am waiting for the news that the Nirvana Tournament will be held again in the castellan mansion!" This sentence succeeded in blackening the faces of the elders in the ring. But,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, obviously, Gu Changsheng said not to them, but to Helan Qingque and Tan Tailan!.