When the lucky value is Max

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When Gu Changsheng saw this, he took a distant look at the chaotic arena and raised his voice. Chapter 1125 the decision to kill! "When the arena is repaired, I am waiting for the news that the Nirvana Tournament will be held again in the castellan mansion!" This sentence succe

The old man's eyes are no longer the muddy world, inside is a kind of precipitation of years and glory after the silence of peace and quiet, his pale gray pupils are like rising smoke, floating far away, but shrouded in a little girl. The old man touched the ragged stubble on his chin and said, "Little doll, do you want to come to my lecture?" The sun was shining in this corner, and the shadow just slanted across the girl's face, but in the darkness, Yang Xiaoxiao's bright eyes were even more striking. She wiped her mouth with a pale blue handkerchief and said she would wash it and come back tomorrow. Then she held her chin and looked at the crowd outside, shaking her head: "Not now, but if I have time." I'll take Erya and them to see you in class! Yang Xiaoxiao patted the soil on his body, stood up, turned to the old man and said: "Grandpa, you also have to refuel!"! Be sure to teach well, don't think about it, there are still many interesting and delicious things in the world! As if she had not seen the old beggar, she went on to say, "There used to be beggars in our town, but after a drought and a snow, they all disappeared." Although her mother and father told her that they had gone to another world. The village chief also said that they were lucky people, but I don't understand. "The little girl frowned in distress." It's said that the world is very cold,ceramic welding tape, there is no food to play, and it's not very beautiful, so they must not be as happy there as here. " The old beggar smiled and said, "Return is reincarnation." Yang Xiaoxiao did not understand: "I do not want to go back, I want them to come back, although I do not know where the world is, certainly I can not go to the place, so I do not want them to go." "Daddy says every living thing ends up in that world." Then the young boy who was listening at that time was red-eyed,Alumina Ceramic C795, holding his father and mother's legs and not letting them go to that world. Because Xiao Xiao will miss them very much. Then, the silent father let Xiao Xiao drop Jin Doudou and was beaten by his mother. But my mother told me that there was always a way in the world to make people go to that world slower and later. "I didn't understand before, but now I understand." Yang Xiaoxiao clenched his fist, "As long as you cultivate immortals well, everyone's body will get better, and the time to go to that world will be later and slower!" "It's really a child's mind." The old beggar looked at the girl's enthusiastic appearance and shook his head. In the future, the child will always realize the cruelty of the world, but at least for now, he can't bear to break the naive idea of a pure girl. All right, you're done. I'm going. Yang Xiaoxiao did not expect that she had said so much to the old beggar unconsciously. Seeing that the sun in the sky had obviously passed for many hours, she thought of other small partners who were still diligent and busy, and blushed for her laziness. Now, it was time for her lunch break to end. The old beggar looked at the petite child trotting out of sight. He also stood up from the ground, patted the corner of his robe, and reached out to brush it. There were two benches missing from the small corner that no one noticed. Lighting a mirror, several people dressed in silver-patterned robes appeared like shadows beside the old man, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,7g Ozone Generator, and bowed their heads respectfully: "Shizu." The old man said quietly, "I will go back in a few days." Several people suppressed the excitement in their hearts, bowed and disappeared. In a certain middle world, everyone is busy around the coming return of Lao Zu. Although their ancestors failed to break through, they were also the most powerful people in this world, but because the time was approaching, they had a sense of boredom, leaving a few words to escape to the lower world. When everybody is anxious, also under the old ancestor's instruction, nobody dares to look for the old ancestor who relaxes. In fact, they did not know that Lao Zu had little time left, nor did they know that in his original fate, Lao Zu should have been as angry as a gossamer. At the last moment, he saw Fu Yanqing's love for talent. After passing on his cultivation to the other party, he passed away with regret that he had not been able to return to the clan. But Fu Yanqing after obtains a body to be able to repair, even if is sealed the majority, also lets oneself a breakthrough for the middle period, has buried the hidden danger for the later. Now, when the sun was about to set, an old ancestor, with a paralyzed face, bought the colorful rolls and bean cakes that the girls used to like best, put them in his arms, with a little softness in his eyes, and went to the place where the girls lived. However, as soon as his divine consciousness swept away, he did not see the figure of a disciple of Changning. As soon as the old man turned his steps, he came to a woman. He knew that this was the owner of the house where Yang Xiaoxiao lived. "Excuse me, where is the doll inside?" The woman looked at him warily and saw that the old man had an extraordinary bearing and did not look like a bad person. The expression on her face relaxed and she only said vaguely, "They all went out this morning and didn't come back. If you have something to do, you can come back later." The old man thanked him, and the powerful divine consciousness directly covered the whole city of Ming, even when it passed over the brothers who were also anxiously looking for their younger brothers and sisters, it did not attract their attention. Lao Zu was pulled by their words. If you can't find it again, it will be broken. “…… It's a bad luck. “…… Were you abducted by those human traffickers? Lao Zu heard this, his face changed, and his divinity also found the target, see Yang Xiaoxiao they are in the situation, Lao Zu turned over the clouds, instant body to go. Yang Xiaoxiao clung to the long rope and dared not release it at all. In fact, her hands had been worn out, but she still gritted her teeth and did not make a sound. Zhao Xiuqing left before the feeling of uneasiness is not wrong, in the moment they walked into the Ming City, in fact, has been targeted. While they found kidnappers in the city and investigated each other, the other side also made preparations, and even deliberately lured the young children into the urn. Zhao Xiuqing and other children and three teenagers who went to the kidnapper were arrested. The new disciples who were scattered to find clues to the thieves were also taken away. But the kidnapper did not think that because Lao Zu used magic, everyone ignored the corner of him and Yang Xiaoxiao, and after coming out of Lao Zu,ceramic bobbin heater core, Yang Xiaoxiao was found by the escaped sniff. Yang Xiaoxiao was also very nervous after listening to the anxious explanation of the sniff, and when he looked back, he saw a group of people chasing the sniff. global-ceramics.com