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When Gu Changsheng saw this, he took a distant look at the chaotic arena and raised his voice. Chapter 1125 the decision to kill! "When the arena is repaired, I am waiting for the news that the Nirvana Tournament will be held again in the castellan mansion!" This sentence succe

Seeing that the time for the banquet was getting closer and closer, and that more than half of the two weeks had passed, he felt a sense of loss. No matter how good the dream is, it will eventually wake up. Today, he stayed at home alone, staring blankly at the wall. Shao Qun is very busy these days, although the work of the banquet is basically ready, there are still some details to be added. If every day is bustling, all of a sudden, it is really not used to it. Li Chengxiu took a sip of water and looked at the prepared menu to see what else could be improved. Just as he was watching, suddenly the phone rang. He quickly took the phone and looked at the caller ID on it, feeling a little disappointed. Hello, Manager Zhang. "Hey, Xiao Li, what are you doing?" "At home." "Oh, that's great. Get ready. You have a lot of work to do today." "Huh?"? Why "General Manager Chen has arranged a dormitory for you." "Dormitory?" "Yes, the staff dormitory has not been implemented before. Recently, it has been basically completed, and the dormitory has been assigned to you. Mr. Chen takes special care of you and gives you a very good one. You are blessed.". If you find that you are free these days, you can move today. "Huh?" Li Chengxiu was frightened. It was a good thing to have a dormitory. It saved the rent, but there was no reason to move immediately. What? Where is your home? Give me an address. I have a rest today and help you move. Manager Zhang had never been so enthusiastic about him, and even had to sacrifice his rest time to help him move, which made him feel a little surprised. He struggled to explain, "too soon, I now,Kamado bbq grill, the house, to check out." "Just call the landlord. Now it's almost the end of the month. Move there first, and the house over there will be returned at the end of the month." "Two months in advance, say no rent, or the deposit will be deducted." "Oh, the hotel will be responsible for the deposit, otherwise the house rented over there is empty, but it is not more expensive. Don't let down Mr. Chen's kindness. Hurry up and tell me the address." "Manager Zhang, but it's too sudden.." The voice over there finally showed some impatience. "I said why you are so wordy as a man. If you don't move such a good house quickly, you will have to finish it in a few days. This house is still for you to live alone. How many people in our hotel have such good treatment? Why don't you hurry up? What are you hesitating about?" Li Chengxiu is a little afraid to offend him, think about what he said is also reasonable, since the hotel to pay him liquidated damages, he has nothing to worry about. As soon as his head was hot, ceramic bobbin heater ,ceramic bobbin element, he told him the address. Manager Zhang was happy. "There is a traffic jam now. I have to go for more than an hour. Hurry up and pack your things." Putting down the phone, Li Chengxiu was in a daze for a while. He had never seen moving like urging life, and Manager Zhang usually ignored him, how could he make a special trip to help him move. He was so suspicious that no matter how he thought about it, he felt that something was wrong. He quickly called the landlord first, because he suddenly said he wanted to move, and he could not explain clearly for a long time, which made the landlord angry. He taught him a lesson on the phone until he made it clear that he would pay the liquidated damages. After calling the landlord, he called Shao Qun again. I didn't expect that one day he would move and there would be people who needed to be informed, which was really a good feeling. Unfortunately, Shao Qun never answered, so he had to give up. Although he doesn't speak fluently, he is very quick in doing things. Especially over the years, he moved more times, less things, and easy to put, took out the big woven bags and cardboard boxes used to move before, and began to pack up quickly. By the time Manager Zhang arrived with the moving company, Li Chengxiu had basically tidied up and was unpacking the wardrobe with tools. Manager Zhang stepped forward to stop him. "You don't have to bring the same furniture. There are everything you can think of. There is nothing you can't think of." Li Chengxiu frowned, "but.." furniture is spent money to buy, perhaps that day he did not live there, do you want to buy again? "There's no buts. Don't take it. There's no place to put it.". ” "No, in the future, if you move.." "Let's talk about it later. You really have no place to put these junk things in the past. Do you want to fill the house rented by Mr. Chen with things?"? If the landlord knows about it, isn't it making trouble for General Manager Chen? Li Chengxiu thought about what he said, but he was reluctant to throw it away, so he wanted to move there first. Anyway, there were still a few days before the end of the month. When he was free tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, he would come and sell the furniture at the flea market, or discuss with the landlord to sell it to the next tenant. In the afternoon, Li Chengxiu tossed himself into the moving car and followed the car to the direction of the hotel. When the moving car drove into a very familiar neighborhood, Li Chengxiu was dumbfounded. 18 Chapter XVIII This neighborhood is the one that Shao Qun brought him here a few days ago. He had a bad feeling in his heart, and sure enough, Manager Zhang led him into the previous building and pressed the same floor. Li Chengxiu completely panicked and dragged Manager Zhang's sleeve to prevent him from opening the door. Zhang, Manager Zhang. "What's the matter?" "Here.." "Oh, isn't it nice here? What about the sea view room?" Manager Zhang said when the tone was obviously sour, through the dark corridor, can not help but look at Li Chengxiu. I wonder what he can do. Is it because he is a classmate with General Manager Shao that he can have such a good treatment? The rent of this house must be eight thousand or ten thousand yuan a month. Why should he. He also held General Manager Chen's face and asked him to move Li Chengxiu with his family on the day of rest. Manager Zhang, is this arranged by General Manager Chen? "Yes, General Manager Chen took care of you specially." Manager Zhang pushed open the door and took a breath in amazement. Li Chengxiu looked inside and was surprised. A few days ago, it was empty,cordierite c520, but now it is a well-decorated house with elegant and warm design, which seems to be waiting for the owner to move in at any time. Manager Zhang couldn't help looking at Li Chengxiu again. His expression was full of doubts. He opened his mouth and didn't ask. He beckoned to the moving company. "Come on, bring everything in." 。