The Strongest Team in the End of the World

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Do you have any feelings?" "Do you think so?" Yang Pei's eyes lit up,stainless tile trim, "I thought the clothes had shrunk!" "My clothes are also small," Fei Huanhuan said with a thoughtful look on his face. "I observed carefully for a

If I remember correctly, this woman was one of several beautiful saleswomen in the market of the trading center at that time, and what happened there at that time, others did not know, but not Dongdong knew. Fei Dongdong's mind immediately pieced together the whole story. Lill cried so hard that she couldn't breathe. She rushed over and hugged Huo Zheng tightly. She shouted, "Brother Zheng, don't go. If something happens to you, Lill won't live." Huo Zheng stamped his foot forcefully and pulled Lill out, saying, "Lill, do you remember those who bullied you?"! Let's go together. I don't believe it. I can't beat them. "No!" Lill was stunned for a moment and suddenly struggled, "No, I'm not going, I'm afraid, I don't want to go out of town!" Huo Zheng's face is down, "must go, don't you let people bully in vain!" "No!" Lill looked at Huo Zheng in despair and screamed, "No, I'm not going, don't force me!" Huo Zheng's face suddenly sank and he pulled her out. Wan Ting suddenly waved his hand and ordered, "Take Huo Zheng back and lock him up for two days!" His eyes did not look at Huo Zheng, but fell on the non-Dongdong who was watching the scene of bustle. There was a hint of clarity and a hint of sarcasm in the girl's eyes, and her eyes met his eyes without any sign of weakness. Wan Ting suddenly turned around and strode back. Really did not expect, yesterday he was a moment of carelessness,stainless steel tile edge trim, was put together by this little girl, the result just after a day, and she saw a farce of subordinates, which made him feel a rare trace of embarrassment and depression. Yes, he saw later suddenly realized that Huo Zheng actually did not mean to go out desperately, I am afraid, what he wanted to vent was mainly the anger of his girlfriend's loss of virginity. Fei Dongdong looked at the back of Wan Ting who left in a hurry, raised his eyebrows,tile trim factory, turned to look at Chen Qinghe who did not know when he appeared, looked at Shen Peng again, and asked, "Major Chen, you didn't come to go through the formalities for us in person, did you?" "That's right," said Chen Qinghe, withdrawing his slightly probing eyes from non-Dongdong. "There has just been a conflict, and now the procedure may be more complicated." "Never mind," laughed Fei Dongdong. "We're not in a hurry." Following Chen Qinghe to the upstairs, Fei Dongdong walked and looked around. This is indeed a government building, the security is really tight, just one floor, there are at least seven or eight soldiers on duty, the whole building can be said to be almost no dead corner. ××××××××××× Half an hour later, in Chen Qinghe's office, Fei Dongdong looked at the three metal rings placed on the desktop and asked, tile profile factory ,aluminium tile trim profiles, "What does this mean?" Chen Qinghe lowered his eyes and said with a wry smile, "This is the meaning of the highest level of the base. Because of today's refugee riots, a new order has been issued. If you want to enter the inner city, you must wear this locator." "Locator?" "It's harmless, and its only function is to feed back your position." Chen Qinghe said, "I only need you, Ye Li and Fei Huo to wear it." Fei Dongdong picked up the locator, smiled, put it on his wrist, and asked, "Is it like this?" Chen Qinghe one Leng, in the heart some strange this matter unexpectedly can be so smooth, he sees the night Li to come over, reaches out to pick up another locator in front of him. A strange fragrance suddenly drifted into his nose, his heart tightened, suddenly looked up, just to the night Li looked a little dark eyes. Go to sleep In a trance, he heard a voice whispering in his ear. Chapter 53: Encyclopedia of Creation Chapter 53: Encyclopedia of Creation To the ears of others, Ye Li's voice was as cold and plain as usual. But Chen Qinghe's body suddenly paused, his eyes were scattered in an instant, his eyelids fell slowly, and he fell into a dream. Did it work? Fei Dongdong looked nervously at Chen Qinghe and asked in a low voice. Uh Ye Li answered in a low voice, turned to the back of the desk, took out a pair of thin rubber gloves, and reached out to open Chen Qinghe's computer. Non-fire came to Chen Qinghe, looked at him with his head tilted, and whispered, "I didn't expect that the tubers on the root system of psychedelic thorns would have such a strong psychedelic effect after they were made into potions." "The key is that Ye Li's mental strength is strong enough, you know, to give such a strong will of the special forces under the spiritual hint, the medicine alone is not enough." Fei Dongdong turned to look at the quiet and well-behaved children and whispered, "Chuansheng, listen carefully. If someone comes, remind Dongdong Sister. If you hear something interesting, tell Dongdong Sister." Li Chuansheng nodded obediently. His power was also raised to level three not long ago. With his hearing now, the movement of the whole government office building can be heard clearly. What about me? What about me? Doudou also learned Dongdong and shouted in a low voice, "What is Doudou doing?" "Doudou," non-Dongdong thought, said, "you look at this man, if he is about to wake up, remind brother Li." "Good." Doudou immediately obediently lay on the opposite side of Chen Qinghe, staring at him with two big black eyes without blinking. Nangong Jin took his sister's hand and sat quietly on one side, reaching out for a small bag of sandwich biscuits and handing them to Nangong Yu. Nangongyu opened the bag and ate it happily. Fei Huanhuan tilted his head, glanced at Nangong Jin and said, "Ah Jin, you spoil Ayu too much. You bring snacks to Ayu all day. Be careful to eat your teeth." "Ayu likes snacks best," Nangong Jin whispered. "I stare at Ayu brushing my teeth every day. It shouldn't matter." "I can't stand you," Fei Huanhuan muttered, turning to Yang Pei, who was sitting beside Chuansheng. "By the way, I think you seem to be much taller recently. Do you have any feelings?" "Do you think so?" Yang Pei's eyes lit up,stainless tile trim, "I thought the clothes had shrunk!" "My clothes are also small," Fei Huanhuan said with a thoughtful look on his face. "I observed carefully for a while and found that besides Sister Dongdong, we have grown a lot in the past month? I don't know if it's because of the rapid evolution. 。