The whole world is begging me to trade.

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A desperate fellow! The leading man saw the movement of Meng Kong, slightly stupefied, the figure hurried back a few steps, his whole body of four people hurried forward, blocked in front of the old man. Just when the situation in the forest was at daggers drawn,industrial racking systems,

Hua did not say anything, but hugged his mother more tightly. After snuggling and hugging each other for an unknown length of time, the red light in the emergency room went out, and the doctor in a white coat walked out with a calm face: "The man has been saved." Both mother and daughter breathed a sigh of relief. You wanted to see me? In the trading company, Gu Fei casually looked through the information of several guests without even raising his head: "Haven't you already made a choice?" Compared with the previous few days, Hua took off all the jewelry and changed into comfortable rather than gorgeous clothes, with a calm posture: "I came to thank you." After a sudden pause, Gu immediately raised his head and said, "What are you thanking me for?"? I didn't do anything. Since can do the master of the trading line, is not a stupid, Hua Kui does not care about the attitude of Gu Kui, she only knows that Gu Kui pulled himself: "Thank you." With a deep bow, "I know that I am a humble person, and there is nothing you can like, but in the future, as long as you open your mouth, I will meet all your requirements within my power." "Thank you very much." After her father was out of danger,drive in racking system, she took care of him day and night in front of the hospital bed. Although she still had regrets in her heart, it was really nothing compared with her family. She also realized that her parents, who had devoted their whole life to themselves, were old. Gu Kui's face was still very calm, and there was no wave: "Since you have nothing to trade, don't stay here any longer." Then she brushed her hand gently. Hua Yan disappeared. Fang Qi's voice suddenly rang: "I never thought that she would turn down all her work and refuse Deng Dao's proposal to audition again,heavy duty metal racks, so she would accompany her family wholeheartedly.". That's incredible. Why can a person change so much in a short time? Gu Wei still looked at the information: "She has not changed." Fang Qi was stupefied: "But..." Before he had finished speaking, Gu interrupted him: "There's something you don't know. She's going to be a professor at the film Academy where she graduated." Fang Qi still doesn't understand: "What's wrong with this?" From the beginning to the end, she was a stubborn and strong girl. How could she give up so easily before she won the Grand Slam? Without the trading line, of course, we can only rely on our own ability. "Her talent is not bad, and she is willing to make progress and work hard, plus six years of exquisite interpretation experience, she buried her head, success is inevitable." Although no deal was made, this time Gu was really happy. Fang Qi froze, in the past Gu Kui has not set a precedent, plus see everyone want to get something for nothing, shuttle rack system ,warehouse pallet racks, he almost forgot, there is a foundation, down-to-earth is also one of the ways to succeed. It's just a little slower in time. He wanted to remind Gu of the rules of the trading bank, but on second thought, Gu did not do anything in essence. He swallowed the words that came out of his mouth: "Yes." Gu Kui put away the information and explained, "For the next period of time, all the customers of the trading bank will be handed over to you.". Come to me at any time if there is something difficult or inaccurate. I'll look back home and take care of things and go back. Fang Qi nodded in addition to nodding. I wanted to tell him a few words, but finally I gave up. He I'm not qualified. As soon as Gu's mind moved, he appeared outside the door of Gu's house. There were no special customers in the trading house for her to receive, and she had to start clearing the ledger thoroughly. As soon as I changed my shoes, there was a faint sound of communication in the living room. Gu Wei felt that his appearance was somewhat inappropriate, and was about to leave when he heard Gu Qingyue's loud voice. Why on earth are you in such a hurry to cooperate with Gu Jia? "Xu Changchi." Gu's expression was stagnant and his brain was empty. She deliberately let herself forget some of the memories of the past, and never planned to meet Xu Changchi again, but never thought that at such a time, such an occasion, so close. For a moment, Gu's breathing became rapid. She could not help pursing her lips. Chapter 056 Xu Changchi looked at the suspicious Gu Qingyue magnanimously. If it was because of Gu Kui, he was afraid that he would be swept out of the house. "It's a long story," he said. ” Gu Qingyue sat steadily: "Then speak slowly, anyway, I have plenty of time." He made it clear that, in any case, he wanted a reasonable answer today. Xu Changchi was silent for a long time and suddenly said, "Some time ago, you disappeared for no reason.". Everyone else thought it was an accident, but I knew it was all man-made. You narrowly escaped death. Do you want to go on? The tone of his voice was light, but it fell in Gu Qingyue's ears like a surprise. Ray He shivered involuntarily before he forced himself to calm down. Intentionally wanted to ask Xu Changchi exactly from what channel to know this information, after all, even he himself is also after this period of investigation, only to feel out a general, lips stammered for a moment, he finally swallowed the doubts, only to give a positive answer: "Of course." Xu Changchi showed a smile: "Different ways do not work together. On the contrary, it is the reason why I cooperate with you." Gu Qingyue only felt that Xu Changchi was out of his mind. Who wants to get involved in these disputes if they are not forced. The Xu family could be neutral, but they wanted to get into the muddy water. He simply couldn't figure it out. When Xu Changchi saw that Gu Qingyue was dubious, he simply added: "Whether you believe me or not, a contract written in black and white cannot be faked. What do you think?" There is really no need for the Xu family to ask for trouble, but Xu Changchi can clearly predict the future of the Gu family's decline. But it happened that Gu was Gu's family, and he didn't want to make Gu sad. Gu Qingyue was silent. The words were all said by Xu Changchi,push back racking system, he really did not know what to say, frowned, he asked the most incredible idea: "What do you think of Gu?" Xu Changchi looked at a loss: "Gu?"? Do you mean the girl that Gu just recognized? We've never met. What would I think of her? 。