Strongest Master Exchange System

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The Dragon and Tiger Wind and Cloud List is hanging on the South China Sea, and many of the chief disciples on the Dragon List must compete for the ranking. It must be very lively. The Tiger List is no longer challenging. I wonder where I can rank on the Dragon List?

But now, with the sudden change of thunder punishment, a human monk and his body-protecting spirit beast cross the plunder together, plus seven demons will be involved in their own plunder, a full nine plunder superimposed together, is the power of hundreds of thunder and lightning. Such a terrible day of thunder punishment mutation, this trap array has become indestructible, even if it is a combination of monks may not be able to break open. Yan Xu shook his head with self-mockery and smiled: "Am I trapped in a cocoon?"? The seven demon generals were all left behind, and I couldn't get out myself. However, where is Yan Xu willing to go out now, the remaining four demons can not let go of one. Distracted in the early strength of the demon will be worth 3000 points points, Fen Shen mid-term Thunder Claw Iron Lion value points to exceed this value, Yan Xu of course will not miss the opportunity to earn points. The power of the Nine Heavens is really terrible, if there is no treasure, it is not human to fight. Four demons will be worth at least 12000 points, and then exchange a treasure, my success rate will be higher. Yan Xu glanced at the four demon generals, the Thunder Claw Iron Lion, the Nine Youths,Lamella Plate Settler, and the Purple Wing Magic Bat. Ding! If you kill the wind monster in the early stage of distraction, you will get 3000 exchange points! The demon whose body was the wind could not endure any longer under the heavy thunder and lightning. After a deep pain hum, the primordial spirit was destroyed, and the reward prompt tone of the master's exchange system sounded again in Yan Xu's ear. Seven demon will, now only thunder claw iron lion, nine you and purple wing magic bat, and then look at the state of nine you and purple wing magic bat is estimated not to endure for long. After the death of the demon, the sky will not dissipate,filter nozzle, but will be concentrated on the heads of Yan Xu and other living people. As soon as the wind demon died, it shared the power of thunder and lightning with Yan Xu and others, which further increased their burden. If Jiuyou and the Purple Wing Demon Bat die again, their two plagues, as well as the plagues of the dead demon generals before, will all fall on the shoulders of Yan Xu and the Thunder Claw Iron Lion. Yan Xu and the magic holy glass dragon can be seen as one, from the beginning to cross the robbery together, that is to say, in fact, Yan Xu's pressure is even higher than the thunder claw iron lion. The existence of Huan Sheng Li Long also shared a lot of pressure on Yan Xu, and the Jiuzhuan Gan Kun Dan he took was also fed back to Yan Xu with double potency, which made Yan Xu quite surprised. The efficacy of Jiuzhuan Gankun Dan is far better than any other elixir. I didn't expect that Huan Sheng Li Long could also double its effect. The vitality in my body is unprecedented! As long as he will not be struck by thunder and lightning into ashes, Yan Xu believes that the effect of double nine turns of Gan Kun Dan is enough to survive the nine plagues. In this case, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,Rotating sludge scraper, the points in my hand can no longer be exchanged for other elixirs. I can only choose between the array and Lingbao. Taking advantage of the gap of thunder and lightning brewing in the sky, Yan Xu called out the exchange list in the knowledge of the sea to select the exchange items. Like the elixir, if the array exceeds level 10, it will not be commensurate with the level. Above level 10 is the first order of Lingtian Fa Array, and then the second order of Lingtian Fa Array and the third order of Ling Tian Fa Array. Yan Xu opened the list of Lingtian Fa Array. Lingtian Fa Array is divided into three ranks. If it goes up, it is the category of Xuantian Fa Array. Xuantian Fa Array is also divided into one, two and three ranks. Xuantian law array even if only the first order, the lowest price is more than 18000 points, even if I take the head of the remaining three demons will not exceed 15000 points, can only settle for the second choice of the third order Lingtian law array. Yan Xu glanced at the exchange price of the Xuantian Law Array, and the effect of its attributes made him jealous, but he could not change it. The magic weapon and the magic array are different from the elixir. The elixir is a disposable item, so the Jiuzhuan Qiankun elixir, which ranks among the elixirs, only needs 10,000 points, while the first-order Xuantian magic array and the first-order artifact of the same grade can be used repeatedly, and the price is more than doubled. The effect of Lingtian Fa Array is far inferior to that of Xuantian Fa Array. Even if there is a huge gap between the third-order Lingtian Fa Array and the first-order Xuantian Fa Array, Yan Xu is not willing to eat the marrow. Ding! You have broken through the initial state of distraction and awarded 5000 points! Ding! You have broken through the initial state of distraction and got a new main task. Please check it in time. Main Task: Terrace Five-Star School Mission description: Your strength is advancing by leaps and bounds, and you have finally entered such a mysterious state of distraction, which is the rebirth of life. But you should not be satisfied with this, the strength of the school still needs to improve, lead your disciples into a higher realm, in order to reach the five-star school, so as to touch the threshold of the heavenly school. Completion conditions: The school shall cultivate at least one hundred yuan Ying disciples and three or more distracted disciples. Task Reward: Within ten years, all disciples of the school will have a full value of Qi. Two consecutive system prompts sounded, echoing in Yan Xu's ears like the sounds of nature. Reward 5000 points for promotion breakthrough distraction period? What a timely help! Yan Xu called out the school information panel, and the exchange points reached 8600 points. Before Yan Xu is only half a foot into the state of distraction, because the realm is not stable enough, the system did not determine the smooth promotion of Yan Xu, until now finally settled. The remaining three demon generals, Jiuyou and Purple Wing Magic Bat, can get 6000 points for killing, as long as the Thunder Claw Iron Lion is worth more than 4000 points. Yan Xu will be able to save enough 18000 points to exchange for the first order Xuantian array. With Yan Xu being recognized by the system for his strength in the distraction period, the new main task reward is also extremely considerable. All the disciples of the school are full of luck, and the effect is simply unimaginable. Yan Xu smacked his lips and secretly said that it was not unprecedented for a disciple to have excellent luck, but every time it was Yan Xu who came and went quickly with his school's luck. The key was that the number of disciples covered was very small. And the reward of this task is that all the disciples have the full value of Qi within ten years, which is a qualitative change for the school. Think about it, under the blessing of this state, the disciple's practice in seclusion is extremely smooth, and there is no need to worry about being possessed by the devil. When he goes out to experience, bad luck turns into good luck. His strength can not rise rapidly, and he is embarrassed to say that he is a disciple of Tianhao Sect. Boom! The thundercloud above the sky once again heard a dull sound, and the momentum was much stronger than before. Yan Xu had to take back his thoughts and deal with the current situation seriously. First of all,rotary vacuum disc filters, we have to get through the disaster, otherwise we will be blown into a handful of ashes, and then everything will be empty.