The stars change

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Break the stillness of time. Three multicolored knife lights continued to chase after him.

Break the stillness of time. Three multicolored knife lights continued to chase after him. Poof! The blood ruler in Luo Fan's hand pierced out, and Huangfu Liuxiang only had time to wave out a blue ribbon. Are you going to die? "Huangfu Liuxiang has only reluctance in his heart.". But in the face of Luo Fan's blood ruler, she simply had no ability to resist. Bang! A golden sword flashed across the sky. Collide with the blood ruler in Luo Fan's hand. Luo Fan's attack stagnated, and this moment was enough to make Huangfu Liuxiang escape from the attack of the blood ruler. Eldest brother When Huangfu Liuxiang saw Huangfu Lei who saved her life not far away, he was very excited. "Huangfu Lei just shot a sword, and he didn't have time at all." Hum Luo Fan's face had a trace of coldness, for the eight Protoss, he killed up never flat soft, in the hands of the blood ruler waved again. Really troublesome! "Luo Fan complexion a change, behind three multicolored knife awn already close to the body.". The body moves steeply. At the same time, the blood ruler in his hand blocked the three multicolored swords one after another, and the three multicolored swords exploded. Set! At this moment, Luo Fan tried to make time stand still. It's just that the power of the source contained in the three multicolored knife lights is too strong, and in the face of the static flow of time, it only stagnates for a moment and then continues to erupt. Peng! "The intensity of the explosion.". Even the stones of Tianzun Mountain broke and exploded. And Luo Fan himself got a little bit of time because of the'time standstill ',ultrasonic molten metal, which made him only slightly injured. Luo Fan! There was an angry shout. Luo Fan's face changed. Pincer attack? "Luo Fan already noticed that not far away a long black and white dragon with an electric snake around its surface was flying towards him.". It was Zhou Huo, Jiang Fan and Duanmuyun who joined hands to attack, and Luo Fan did not dare to despise the power of this move. The relief passage is still blocked. As soon as Luofan's divine consciousness swept away, he found that the sixteen gods and kings formed a large array to guard the entrance of the relief passage tightly. Just now, the five emperors pursued Luo Fan. Luo Fan is still relatively relaxed. However, once the eight emperors were divided into two teams,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, they attacked Luo Fan. Luo Fan is really going to be miserable! Ha ha-looks like you've all forgotten. I, Luo Fan, was a practitioner of the Shura Demon Way before I ascended to the divine world! "Luo Fan's wild and wanton laughter sounded, which was full of murderous intent.". The intention of killing filled Luo Fan's chest, and the killing began! Luo Fan stepped on the blood ruler. The whole person's figure is strange, the speed is to reach the limit, eight holy emperors two teams of people and horses staggered constantly chasing Luo Fan. Whew! Luo Fan crossed with a God king. The god-king's body immediately split into four large pieces and fell out of the sky. Peng! And the price. It was Luo Fan who was attacked by the eight emperors again. It's just that Luo Fan relies on'time stillness' and the defense of second-rate Hongmeng Lingbao on his body, as well as the offset of the blood ruler, each time it's only a minor injury. Whew! Once again, Luo Fan passed by the two God kings. One God king's body burst open and turned into a fog of blood, while the other God king spat blood. He was lucky to save his life. Poof! "Luo Fan also spits out a mouthful of blood.". Killing again and again. Killing people in the pincer attack of the eight emperors is simply'walking a tightrope ', Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic handheld welder, and Luo Fan himself is also badly injured. That's about it. Luo Fan looked at the eight emperors in the rear. There is still a faint smile on his face. The development of things. Everything is under his control. Hum ~ Suddenly, the whole Tianzun Mountain was shaking slightly. At the same time, the blue light shone all over the sky, and the area of Tianzun Mountain was suddenly filled with blue light. Episode 18 Tianzun Mountain Chapter 12 Step Back In the middle of a big Tianzun Mountain, the state of the gods and kings at the moment is somewhat ridiculous. Sixteen gods and kings form a big array in front of the relief passage. There are several relatively weak God king is directly hidden in the relief channel inside, lest Luo Fan to kill them. But Jiang Lan, Zuo Qiulin, Yi Feng and so on nearly ten powerful God kings, is gathers together. They are not afraid of Luo Fan to kill. For a group of people like Jiang Lan, Luo Fan does not have the ability to kill in seconds. What's more. Qin Yu behind Jiang Lan, Yi Feng and others is also the most feared person in Luo Fan's heart. In the face of the eight emperors, Luo Fan can escape by speed. But, in the face of Qin Yu? Would rather offend the eight emperor, also never easily offend Qin Yu. This is a plan that Luo Fan had made in his heart earlier. Not that he was afraid of Qin Yu, but for Qin Yu, he did not have enough confidence in his heart. If you are not sure, you can't do it unless you are at the end of your tether! —————— The blue light is misty, shining on the whole Tianzun Mountain. The Eight Holy Emperors and the Shura God King'Luofan 'could not help but carefully observe the source of the plain light with divine consciousness, but along the direction of the plain light, they found that the source was actually the'suspended stone slab'. It's just that their divinity can't touch the'suspended slate ', and they don't know what changes have taken place in the suspended slate. Gentlemen, how about we stop first? Shura God King'Luofan 'looked back at the Eight Holy Emperors. The eight emperors looked at each other, but there was a trace of anger in their eyes. Had it not been for Luo Fan's blood ruler, his speed would never have exceeded ours, nor would he have been able to escape by speed! Zhou Huo, Jiang Fan and others are all aggrieved. Eight emperor at the same time, unexpectedly can't catch Luo Fan. The power of joint attack is great, but Luo Fan's'time is still ', with the first-class Hongmeng Lingbao, as well as the body's defense Lingbao. Enough to save his life. Once this Luo Fan really goes all out. Jiang Fan's heart trembled. It's impossible to kill Luo Fan instantly. If Luo Fan desperately came to fight with their eight emperors, today, even if the eight emperors killed Luo Fan, it is estimated that three or four emperors will die. Three or four died, and who died, is up to Luo Fan to decide! The eight emperors don't want to die. They don't want to fight with Luo Fan. Luo Fan, if you have anything to say,ultrasonic spray nozzle, say it quickly. Zhou Huolang said, at the same time, the eight emperors had a tacit understanding to stop. Luo Fan's mouth inadvertently had a smile. Exactly as planned.