Wutong is so hurt

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He shook his student ID card at me, looked tired, and said indifferently

He shook his student ID card at me, looked tired, and said indifferently that he forgot to throw it to you yesterday. Listen, he said, "throw" to me. Then he pretended to look at me and Mai Le unintentionally, curled his lips and said, "By the way, I'll give you a ride.". When I saw him, I turned pale with fright and thought, could it be that he came to fight back against me? But later listening to his words so kind, I can not help but laugh, did I trample him from a local ruffian bully into a good family man? Or is he going to take me and Mai Le in his car and die together to avenge my foot? Ji Rongge looked at me, as if to see through my mind in general, the corner of the eye glimpsed a faint trace of disdain, as if laughing at my suspicious suspicion. In the back seat, Mai Le's eyes have been drifting outside the window, the scenery across the window, like a picture, can not grasp the hands, warm to the heart. I looked up and occasionally met Ji Rongge's eyes in the rearview mirror. Actually, I really want to apologize for my behavior last night. In fact, I am not such an unreasonable girl. It's just that the sudden incident on Mai Le made me confused. I never thought that one day, I, and Mai Le, would encounter such a thing. Never thought of it. At noon,digital touch screen board, I went to the canteen to buy a full chicken soup for Mai Le and brought it to her. Mai Le has been in a daze, eyelashes fall quietly in the fundus, thin, like a broken wing of a swan. She has been in a daze. Then, turn around, ask me, you, all know? I nodded silently, and my long hair slowly fell down to my neck. Suddenly,digital interactive whiteboard, I hesitated for a moment, thinking of the recent thing that Mai Le refused to drink, I asked her very carefully, I said, Mai Le, did you know yourself early? In the following words, I hold back my stomach. Mai Le nodded, looked out of the window blankly, and then looked at me blankly. Finally, he turned his head and looked out of the window. At noon that day, Mai Le drank the soup very slowly, took a sip and was in a daze for a while. I'm afraid to ask her, Mai Le, what are you going to do? I'm afraid no one can answer this question. I suddenly understood why Mai Le had suddenly quit smoking and drinking these days, and why he would rather be criticized than touch the glass of wine. She is using her lowest posture to protect a group of flesh and blood that will be separated from her body at any time. In the afternoon, the weather suddenly became unusually cold, and I had been curled up in bed with Mai Le. Her pointed chin rested on my shoulder like a sharp nail into my flesh and blood. She asked me what I wanted to ask her, touch screen board classroom ,electronic board for classroom, Mo Chun, what should I do? I was speechless and could only look at her foolishly, with my eyes full of heartache. Suddenly, her body shook sharply and her mood became very excited. Mo Chun, I want to drop out of school! I just can't live, and I must keep it! I must! I don't want to fall apart! No! With that, she turned pale, jumped out of bed, put on her boots, and left. I went up to pull her, she pushed away my hand, blurred smile, a pale face. Mo Chun, I'm fine. I just went to the man, and I begged him to tell me what I should do? What should I do! I said word by word, then, I accompany you! Mai Le shook his head and pushed me back to the bedroom step by step. Her eyes were unusually dark. Mo Chun, remember, it has nothing to do with this man. I don't want him to marry me. I just want to ask him what I should do? I really don't know what to do. With that, she ran out of the dormitory without looking back. I leaned against the window and watched her until her figure disappeared under the gray sky like a tiny piece of dust. But at this moment, I can not become a castle, give this tiny dust a quiet corner. Thinking of this, my heart is as painful as being gnawed by my two dogs, Prince and Baylor! When my tears were about to fall, Ji Rongge's phone call came in. Gentle and elegant, he was like eating rat poison. He said, Bastard Mo Chun, get out of here! As soon as I heard it, I immediately went crazy. I thought, I was going to cry, but you were abusing me. Do you think holding your tears is turning off the tap? At that time, I was crazy, and I shouted at him. I said, is there something wrong with you? You torment me every other day, and I gave you a slap and a kick. Come here if you have the ability! I put my face in front of you and you pull it back! We don't owe each other! Ji Rongge did not mean to give in at all. Then he threw me a sentence that made me tremble. He said, Yu Mochun, who are you? Do you want me to send him to you or to the police station! Wutong so hurt the third chapter 16, Mo Fan is the most sensitive part of my heart, a touch of fire, flames! (1) Chapter Words: 1433 Updated: 07-10-19 22:15 Ji Rongge is a man who is always challenging the flexibility of my nerve fibers. When he threw the name of "Yu Mofan" to me, I was so nervous. Perhaps subconsciously, the shadow left to me in the distance is too big, so immersed in the whole childhood and adolescence, so I am afraid that my brother Mo Fan, like him, will change from a good person to a criminal that everyone spurns at any time. Therefore, Ji Rongge has not said what happened, and my own thinking has been sliding in the worst direction. I raised my hair to answer, I said, you give me a good look at that bastard, I will go! Then he closed his cell phone and rushed out of the school gate. At this time, how I wish I could step on two beacon wheels under my feet, or learn the great shift of Qiankun in the martial arts drama, or even a Lingbo micro-step or something, so that I could go directly to the "crime scene" of Mo Fan. Yes,75 inch smart board, Mo Fan is the most sensitive part of my heart, which is burning at a touch. But just as I was running a few hundred meters in the city, I realized that I was doing useless work because I was too anxious to ask Ji Rongge where he was!. hsdsmartboard.com