The rosefinch

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Chen Shuping gently stroked his jaw with his left hand,

Chen Shuping gently stroked his jaw with his left hand, and the blood gradually stopped. He stood up and stared at the golden stick in Yi Tianxing's hand. With a faint trace of fear, he said word by word: "The Great Sage really loves you very much. He even gave you this magic weapon." "Come on!" He suddenly closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The faint mist on the lake outside the island seemed to be attracted to the island by him. The white fog is endless and the breath is vertical and horizontal. Golden light! Pieces of stick shadows suddenly appeared on the island, and the air on the island seemed to be stirred up by this stick facing the sky. For a time, sand and stones flew, and birds and animals ran together. The bird is the easy fire bird, the beast is the old call beast. The shadow of the stick was heavy, and at first it was just waving in the air, sweeping the island's breath into chaos, and the lake beside the island was light. Finally, the shadow of the stick gradually appeared in disorder, and the tip of the stick would graze the sand or stone, which brought terrible consequences. The stones and rocks on the desert island, which had not changed their shape for thousands of years, were smashed into pieces by the unreasonable stick, and began to dance. The sand and dust filled the sky like a big construction site. …… In one hour and thirteen minutes. The shadow of the stick suddenly stopped. With a crisp clang, Yi Tianxing inserted the golden stick into the earth, holding it with both hands, half of his waist,smartboards for business, panting: "Son of a bitch, you can really hide." Chen Shuping's legs trembled slightly, his mouth and tongue were dry, and the wound in his jaw was already bleeding. He coughed several times and hissed like an asthmatic: "If you can't hit me, you'll curse?" "You are a son of a bitch." Yi Tianxing sat down on the sand, panting, "I can hide,smart boards for conference rooms, but I can't hit you." Even though he was born with divine power, he almost collapsed after dancing the nearly seven-ton artifact for more than an hour. Try to imagine what it would be like if a person holding a Jiefang truck chased a fly all over the street and ran around the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing? Chen Shuping can always turn into a shadow before the shadow of the stick reaches his body, and narrowly avoid it, just like the fly. Although the seven-ton golden cudgel is easier to hold than a big truck, its weight is not less, and it seems to have a smaller area when it is used to swat flies. Chen Shuping knew that if the stick was next to him, it would be a disaster of broken bones and tendons. The fear in his memory for about two thousand years made him dare not sit down. He stared at the golden stick beside Yi Tianxing, which was slowly sinking into the earth. He habitually stuck out his scarlet tongue and gasped: "You bird man, who would cling to it like you?" Yi Tianxing's throat was unusually dry. He swallowed saliva with difficulty and asked sincerely, "Lord Fairy Dog, my baby should be fierce. Why can't I hit you?" Chen Shuping has been a math teacher for almost 20 years. In his bones, he seems to have fallen in love with teaching and dispelling doubts in the world. He subconsciously replied, "You are too slow.". This treasure would have been useful, interactive digital whiteboard ,smart board touch screen, but it fell into the hands of such a useless person as you, and it was a drag. That is to say, Yi Tianxing plays with a golden stick, like a big S driving a Ferrari, which not only fails to play the original role of a tool, but also makes these babies look particularly incompetent. This kind of cognition lets Yi Tianxing be somewhat embarrassed and angry, he suddenly roars: "Lao Tzu understood!" " His right palm was flat, and the life of the true fire in his body turned rapidly. A sky fire gently burned the golden stick, and the golden stick recognized the Lord. Suddenly, it trembled gently and shook out of the earth, slowly floating in midair. Chen Shuping's pupils shrank and he showed a trace of regret. Go Yi Tianxing turned over his golden eyes and pointed to Chen Shuping with a strange smile. The golden stick broke through the air and hit Chen Shuping with another stick! Chen Shuping gave a strange cry full of regret, and his body turned into a piece of shadow, and began to play a cat-and-mouse game around the island. At this time, the speed of the golden stick waving was indeed much faster than that of Yi Tianxing's palm in his hand. In the battle situation, we could no longer see those superfluous stick shadows. We only saw a golden stick chasing Chen Shuping, who sometimes disappeared in the air and sometimes appeared among the rocks, as if he had spirituality. Yi Tianxing breathed a sigh of relief and murmured, "It looks like I can sleep first." …… …… There was a scream from the other side of the desert island. Chen Shuping rushed over with his head hanging down. His right hand seemed to be broken and he was shaking miserably at his side. Yi Tianxing naturally did not really sleep. He snuggled up to the Buddha wheel in his body and adjusted his spirit to the best. He was ready to make the final blow at any time. He was ready to wait for the golden cudgel to drive the dog three times before making a move. But Chen Shuping would not give him such a chance. With a flash of green light in the eyes of the fairy dog, he rushed into Yi Tianxing's arms. Behind him was the golden stick weighing seven tons. Yi Tianxing is frightened, left hand Buddha seal, right hand fire sword, clap to Chen Shuping's chest. Chen Shuping's body flashed slightly in front of him, and as soon as the shadow appeared, he dodged, passing directly over his shoulder like a floating cloud, hiding behind him. He knew that Yi Tianxing's body material was abnormal, and he might not be able to kill the enemy, so he chose to take shelter temporarily. With a stuffy hum, Yi Tianxing held the golden stick in his right hand and stabbed it out of his armpit with his backhand. With a little tiptoe, Chen Shuping floated up along the wind of the stick, and his body swept back smartly to the surface of the lake. Yi Tianxing's body rolled rapidly in the air, the tip of the stick lifted on the sand, and the whole person flew to the lake like a big bird, hitting Chen Shuping with a stick. Two people this series of movements are extremely beautiful, are in the most dangerous moment to choose the most appropriate shot, it is clean and neat, no redundancy! The water splashed, the lake seemed to boil, and the two men fought fiercely under the water. …… I don't know how many minutes later. As soon as the lake shook, it strangely formed two curved surfaces, as if something was speeding up. Chen Shuping and Yi Tianxing broke through the water one after another and fell to the ground in a mess. Bibo is submissive, but both of them are seriously injured. Chen Shuping was hit by a golden stick,interactive panels for education, and he also took advantage of the gap to use the supreme immortal formula to get close to the body of Yi Tianxing, which hurt his heart. The wet Yi Tianxing half knelt on the sand, his voice unusually calm: "My heart is almost broken." 。