Dust fragrance

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Xuanyuan Si nine listen, the heart first jumped heavily

Xuanyuan Si nine listen, the heart first jumped heavily, but as if something was punctured, trickling out, but with a slight pain, the face showed a complex tenderness. But he blinked his eyes for a moment and then said very slowly, "Don't go to the shoe store next time. Call someone to come to the house when you need it." He said so, Ann's smile gradually converged, and could not tell why there was such a trance feeling, perhaps because it could almost be called childish, she saw him for the first time. First just feel funny, then think, she is just perfunctory, and he is just a moment of greed for fresh, water moon mirror flower, it is difficult for each other to play so seriously. Thinking about it, he put his head on his shoulder, and after a long time, he was a little tired, so he closed his eyes. Xuanyuan Sijiu quietly stretched out his hand and hugged her body to the first floor. An Anxiu opened her eyes slightly, looked up at him, smiled again, found a comfortable position for herself, and dozed off. The warm wind in the car began to blow, and in the hot and dry carriage, there was a unique fragrance of Ann, a faint elegant but melancholy breath. Xuanyuan Sijiu,touch screen digital signage, sitting quietly, seems to have mixed something else into his natural coldness. It is the full mood in those eyes. Trance, hesitation.. It's all emotions he hasn't had for a long time. General Lai Dong Monarch Snowflakes, like catkins in spring, flew all over the sky, putting on a white coat for the plum blossoms in the garden outside the small building. The cold outside the house, through the thick glass windows, seeped into the house with the tenacity of pulling silk and picking bones, and the furniture of the furnishings seemed to be reflected in snow. The sky was too overcast, so he lit the lamp. Under the shadow of the pale blue lamp,face recognition identification, Ann was sitting on the sofa holding a hand stove and whispering something to the phone. I'm fine Uh Can't you not go? The other side of the phone did not know what to say, she sighed lightly: "I know." Putting down the phone, Hongyun stepped forward with a cup of tea in her hand and saw her leaning back on the sofa, dressed in a dark cheongsam, and in the shadow of the lamp, more like a shadow than the shadow of the lamp, and asked: "What's the matter, Miss?" Hongyun had always called Ann the third Miss, but today Yan Shao came over and said to her that it was better to call her Miss. Only then did she realize that, after all, calling three inevitably reminds her of two, so she quickly changed her name. Ann did not seem to feel, still lightly promised: "Nothing. Tonight is the birthday feast of He Ningxi, the Minister of Finance. He wants me to go with him." "Is it the prince of the Xuanyuan family, the confidant of Xuanyuan Xuan, who defected and killed the Lord before the battle?" Seeing Ann staring at her, she hurriedly and niftily stuck out her tongue: "I said the wrong thing, don't say it, digital whiteboard price ,smart whiteboard price, or hurry to clean it up for you." Red cloud finished, then pulled Ann upstairs, forced her to sit in front of the dressing table, combing her hair. The snow outside the window was getting heavier and heavier, and even the lights in the room were a little tipsy, and the reflection in the mirror was dim. At the moment, there were only their masters and servants, and there were no outsiders, and the sadness of Ann's eyebrows came out clearly like the carvings on the wallpaper. Hong Yun looked at her and hesitated for a moment. "It's a good thing that Jiu Shao is willing to take you to attend," he said. "What are you worried about?"? The second young lady of that day. Only when the words were spoken did he realize it and hurriedly stopped his mouth. Steal a glance at Ann, no more words. Ann seemed to tremble slightly, avoiding the sight of the red cloud, and lowered her head even lower. Red Cloud did not dare to say anything more, but helped her clean up. All right, miss, what do you think? The woman in the mirror, light purple cheongsam, above the gold embroidery is the spring sleep picture of crabapple, rare is that each crabapple branches and leaves are distinct, but different. The tip of the eyebrow was thinned with tweezers, and the pencil drew long eyebrows into the sideburns, emerald earrings, emerald bracelets, and green cat's eye hairpins. Hongyun kept praising behind Ann. But Ann's eyes were staring at herself in the mirror. I still remember that when I was a child, my sister's bedroom always had a light in the middle of the night. She ran away secretly, and the light was slightly dim. It refracted back from the brown wall and turned into apricot red. But now she could not forget that the special smell in the room, the mixture of powder and alcohol, had become a kind of smell that the elder sister called despair. Regular magazines are thrown around and combs are left on the ground. In the middle of the mahogany wardrobe, there was a glass mirror, which was crystal clear. Ah Jie stood in front of the mirror, with a pale yellow cheongsam and a pattern of gold thread in green. As if aware of her, the elder sister turned around, pulling her mouth and smiling, as if the smile was crying, heavy in the warm air. The elder sister is asking her: "Does it look good?" "Beautiful." The voice sounded, and the man's cold body hugged her from behind. In the mirror, his eyes were amazing. Didn't you say to call someone to pick me up? Startled, she quickly raised her lips, hid all her thoughts with a smile, and asked softly. How can I not accompany such a beautiful woman? She was stunned and then smiled sweeter and sweeter. The silver mirror was as clear as water, and the figure in front of it was reflected coldly. She stared blankly at herself in the mirror. The woman's eyes are made of water, her lips are rippling, and she can't tell whether she is sincere or not. Xuanyuan Sijiu treated her very well these days, protecting her everywhere and spoiling her. Although it is only a water moon mirror flower, but she does not want to say, after all, this kind of spoiling held in the palm of the hand, is so rare. In the end, she was just a woman who wanted to be loved. "Ann, I really want to know," his hand gently stroked her somewhat trance cheek: "Now you, what on earth are you thinking?" "Thinking of you." She said with a faint smile. He was stunned as if he could not imagine that she would answer like this, and then he bowed his head, buried his hot lips in her neck, and the red clouds behind him were red. Ann was so busy that she turned around and tried to push him away, but she didn't want to turn her elbow. A bottle of perfume on the dressing table rolled down, fell to the ground and broke, splashing her shoes. The embroidered high-heeled shoes with satin of the same color as the cheongsam, which were specially changed for the banquet,information kiosk price, immediately looked like the mottled walls in rainy days. Xuanyuan Sijiu said with a smile, "Like a child, so careless." Then he bent down and took out his handkerchief to help her wipe the vamp. hsdtouch.com