Necromancer End World Bank

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At this time, the skeleton king, who was 100 meters away,

At this time, the skeleton king, who was 100 meters away, suddenly shook all over his body, and the bones burst with a terrible sound, like fried beans. A terrible roar came from the mouth of the skeleton king and shook around in an instant. The terrible breath wave suddenly exploded from the body of the Skeleton King, only to see a touch of blood-red light, quickly diffused out, filled every part of the Skeleton King's body. In an instant, the body of the Skeleton King rose steadily, and in an instant, it became stronger and its breath became more terrible. Talent: Bloodlust. Activate the bloodthirsty and violent Skeleton King, the breath becomes more powerful, the strength becomes more powerful, and the 50% increase in the power of the undead becomes more obvious. The Skeleton King at this time is like killing a God. After starting the bloodthirsty rage, the skeleton king's feet kicked the ground, and immediately, the ground was broken one after another, while the skeleton king's whole body, like a cannonball out of the chamber, shot at the sword skeleton, immediately, raised the skeleton's huge sickle, hit and fell, like nine days of thunder, as if the mountains and rivers were broken. Skeleton King's speed, extremely fast and terrible, such a blow, as if from the sky, has been unable to use words to describe clearly. This blow of the skeleton sickle, a large amount of energy, quickly emerged from the skeleton of the skeleton king, one after another toward the skeleton sickle, and then, the skeleton of the sickle burst into a strong light, terrible breath of death, then diffuse fluctuations, a wave of surging. Like lightning, in an instant, the skeleton king crossed a straight track, appeared near the head of the sword skeleton, and immediately, the skeleton giant sickle hit hard and chopped down. Click. It was the sound of the skeleton being chopped by the huge sickle on the neck of the sword skeleton, which was obscure and made people feel as if their bones had been chopped by a long knife, which was extremely uncomfortable. The huge sickle of the skeleton is extremely sharp, especially after being blessed by the energy of the Skeleton King, it becomes even more terrible. With one blow, the skeleton on the neck of the sword skeleton instantly cracks a gap. Immediately, the force of the rebound arose spontaneously, but the skeleton king's body turned in midair, not only removed the huge force of the rebound, but also used it very skillfully, rotated to the other side of the sword skeleton, raised the skeleton sickle again, and chopped it down with a terrible blow. Skeleton King's speed, fast and terrible, like the light of the movie, the sword skeleton just stood up the body has not yet stood firm, immediately suffered several blows. Every time the attack of the huge sickle of the skeleton, digital signage kiosk , the bones on the neck of the sword skeleton will be broken, one by one, as if the dike burst quickly. Click It was another attack by the giant sickle of the skeleton, which really cut off the neck of the skeleton of the sword and completely cut it off, and pieces of bone debris splashed away. The eyes of the crowd stared round and round, looking at the scene with a ghost on their faces, incredulous. In their eyes, it all seemed to be slowed down in slow motion, more like a frozen picture, and the splashing bone debris seemed to be frozen in midair. And the body of the Skeleton King seems to be solidified in midair, as if it has become an eternal picture scroll, like a brand engraved in everyone's heart. Volume 2: Chaos New Age 265 Wang Ba Mutation 265 Wang Ba Mutation This scene, as if the eternal picture, fixed. The huge sickle of the skeleton is sharp, white and cold, which makes people shudder. A huge head, flying high, rolling in the sky, showing the surprise of countless people. From the eyes of the crowd, the reflection of the head flying high and the skeleton sickle with a white and cold light. Immediately, the tall headless body of the sword skeleton slowly fell back, like a mountain collapse. Boom The earth shook unceasingly, like an earthquake of magnitude seven or eight, which made people stand unsteadily and almost fell to the ground one by one and turned into a rolling gourd. And the sword skeleton that huge body fell, deep into the ground several meters, a crack, each with a waist thickness, spread in all directions, like a huge spider web. Then there were two more bangs. The Skeleton King was the first to fall to the ground, carrying the huge sickle of the skeleton. After killing the huge sword skeleton, the figure seemed to expand without limit, which made people feel extremely shocked, just like the arrival of the ancient demon God. But if you take a closer look, you will find that the Skeleton King is still the Skeleton King, and has not expanded or become a demon God. The second crash was the sound of the skull's head tumbling high into the sky and falling to the ground. In an instant, it sank several meters deep into the ground and sank into half of its head. Through the dark and empty eyes, we can see that a fire of the soul is still burning. Suddenly, the fire of the soul became exuberant in an instant, and then the whole huge skull trembled slightly, as if pushed by an invisible force, pulled up from the depression and rolled away towards the fallen body of the sword skeleton. At this time, the Skeleton King moved, the huge sickle of the skeleton was cut down, and the blade of the sickle was inserted into the eye socket of the rolling huge head, which instantly curbed the rolling of the head. Then, the skeleton king jumped, jumped to the head of the sword skeleton, the head of the sword skeleton, suddenly motionless. Then, I saw the skeleton king's eyes, the fire of the soul burning up, a strong suction suddenly derived, suddenly affected the sword skeleton head of the fire of the soul. Immediately, the fire of the soul was slowly pulled out by the invisible suction in the beating, a little bit, but very unwilling to constantly resist, in an attempt to break away from the suction of the Skeleton King. However, this is only in vain, the loss of the body makes the sword skeleton on the verge of death, its own resistance is very passive, although it is also constantly resisting, but the strength of the resistance is not enough. Finally, a group of soul fire, was pulled out by the skeleton king, slowly in the struggle to float to the skeleton king's eye socket, the pulling force became more powerful.