Legend of the Dog God

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Ling Xu secretly praised a few words in his heart. The Demon Saint was the Demon Saint,

Ling Xu secretly praised a few words in his heart. The Demon Saint was the Demon Saint, and his strength was still good. He took the Demon Sword in his hand and waved it at will: "Now that I have fought, I will kill you!"! Thousands of swords! The magic sword tried its best to sprinkle, and tens of thousands of sword lights were more than the rain of magic bullets, covering the past with magic clouds. The surrounding gods and demons all flashed far away, for fear that they would be affected. The rain of magic bullets was destroyed by the light of the magic sword, and even the meteorites floating around were destroyed. The poor Chang hit the air and was pierced by ten thousand swords, and the magic body burst again. Even Sanmo and Tianmo could not withstand the continuous burst of the demon body. When they often hit the air and condensed again, their faces were already covered with blood, and they spurted blood in big mouths: "You.." You help me quickly! Often hit the air to bring the two Demon Saint has been watching coldly beside, Lingxu's strength has been beyond their imagination, two will leave the first Demon Saint under the hands of the Owl Demon Zun hit a half-dead, this strength is even beyond the reach of the Demon Zun. The slender Demon Saint rolled his eyes sharply and said in a loud voice, "You often hit the air. You are really confused. You dare to offend the senior Sanmo. You are really impatient to live. We can only solve it." Two Demon Saint close to the dying often hit empty, together suddenly started to often hit empty dismembered body swallowed down, a generation of Demon Saint has not reacted to come over, suffered such a result. Lingxu frowned and looked at the bloody scene. Although he knew it was something that the Dark World had seen for a long time, he still couldn't accept it. Pang Zhenpeng's voice came to his ear: "My Lord, the two Demon Saints are also the subordinates of Li Xiao. The short one is called Chong Wenhu. The power of a giant axe is amazing. The tall one is called Wanqianyin. All the devils in the Dark World call him Qin Demon. Sound attack is very powerful, and he is also very Be careful! The insidious spirit of thousands of sounds has been seen, often hit the air no matter how is also one of their own,small geared motors, after the injury not only did not help, but was dismembered and devoured, this kind of thing can be done, the devil is rare. After swallowing Chang Jiankong, Wan Qianyin said in a shrill voice with a smile, "Senior, what happened this time was a misunderstanding. It was Chang Jiankong who had no eyes and offended you. Now he has been punished. We will accompany you." Lingxu held the magic sword in both hands and kept silent. Wanqianyin didn't know what the other party wanted. He just wanted to leave quickly. He said with a smiling face,12v High Torque Motor, "If the elder has nothing to do, the younger one will retire. Come and sit down often in the future!"! How interesting Wan Qianyin was about to leave with the gods and demons, but the gods and demons didn't want to stay for a long time. This man was so powerful that he didn't even get it done twice. What was the point of fighting. "They can go, but you must stay," said Lingxu suddenly. Wan Qianyin's smiling face changed color and said in a cold voice, "What does that mean, senior?" Lingxu replied calmly, "I want to get rid of the evil in the dark demon world. You are a lot of devils, and you will be good in the future. No wonder the dark demon world is swallowing now." Wan Qianyin smiled again and said, "Oh, the elder has misunderstood. This is the rule all the time. There's nothing wrong with it. You've been practicing for a long time and don't remember it." Lingxu laughed heartily. His practice time was far less than that of these gods and demons. "Don't talk nonsense," he said lightly. "You don't want to leave today!" Wan Qianyin finally lost his cool and snorted coldly, "Don't you think it's too much?"? "Don't think that if you clean up the air, you will be very powerful. He is nothing at all." "So I want to see how powerful you are," said Lingxu. Wan Qianyin is neither going nor staying now. He said in his heart, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, "Let's go together to avenge Lord Chang Jiankong!" No one around the gods and demons dare to move, they are afraid of the strength of the spirit, the heart does not know how many times the thousands of sound ancestors have been scolded, they want to die but also drag down so many people, often hit empty but you two eat. Chong Wenhu, who had not spoken all the time, was very loyal. "Brother Wan, let's join hands to kill him!" He shouted in a strong voice. Wan Qianyin got the support of Chong Wenhu, and he had a lot of confidence in his heart. "Good!" He said! I first use the sound attack to hold him, and then you use the axe to split him into pieces, you must do your best, this man is very powerful! Chong Wenhu nodded to show that there was no problem, and the two men began to act separately. After all, the strength gap between the two was too big. Wanqianyin took out a moon-like curved silver harp, which was a famous magic instrument in the dark world. The magic harp grew long, and the slender fingers gently fluctuated twice, making a clear and charming magic sound. Magic sound makes all the devils tremble twice, affecting their demons, only Lingxu is as stable as Mount Tai, he has no demons, it doesn't matter how to pull. Thousands of sound see no effect, began to play slowly, magic sound ups and downs, continuous, very pleasant to listen to, some gods and demons have blurred eyes, infatuated. Lingxu's mind is so stable, not to mention these sound attacks, even the sound attacks of gods and men may not be able to move his mind, and the cultivation of dry meditation has reached its peak. Lingxu listened for a moment, nodded and said with a smile, "You're good at the piano. You play it very well. Is there anything else?" Thousands of sound some calm, fingers suddenly accelerated, the original euphemistic sound of the piano turned into a rumbling drum of war, the sound waves in the void began to boil, waves of sound waves formed a bared teeth and claws of the magic will, holding a giant blade to sprinkle. On the other side, Chong Wenhu also took out a huge slaughter axe, quietly came to the side of Lingxu, the giant axe came against the wind, from the thick sound of breaking the air to know the power of it, there are countless demons in which winding. When Pang Zhenpeng saw the giant axe coming, he immediately stepped forward and shouted, "Be careful, Your Excellency!" In fact, Lingxu had already thought of a way to deal with it. He just waited for him to come. Pang Zhenpeng's appearance caught him off guard. He waved his five hands and pushed him away with a wave of air. His handprint was pinched in his heart. He shouted in his mouth: "Magic dragon roars!!" In fact,Brushless Gear Motor, this is not a magic dragon roar, but a dragon roar in the eight Tianlong Sanskrit songs, with only a slight change. ichgearmotor.com