Black bag group of the goddess of war

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"I think I'm a gentleman and I keep my word." Xi Chen said as he reached out his hand and motioned,

"I think I'm a gentleman and I keep my word." Xi Chen said as he reached out his hand and motioned, his eyebrows and eyes showing sincerity. The routine between foodies is too deep, Dongshu actually doesn't believe in Xi Chen. But, after all, this was someone else's house, and he called himself and Liu Xian back to get dinner. Is there any thanks? Or is there another way to say it. But the behavior of her and Liu Xian eating directly in the kitchen is actually not very good-looking. Some guilty Dongshu, handed over the plate, the heart wants to make up for the meaning of Xi Chen. After all, other people's dinner was messed up by themselves and Liu Xian. Even if it is because of attribute inheritance, he is also unintentional, but Dongshu felt that now he is in charge of this body, some things, some pots, have to carry back. However, to Dongshu's surprise, Xi Chen took the plate over and found a knife and chopsticks alone, really boning the chicken feet. The action is very elegant, even if doing the most grounded action, but it just looks with an inexplicable fairy spirit. It makes people's eyes warm. Dongshu swallowed saliva, and did not know whether the food here was too fragrant or the male sex was too beautiful. Dongshu firmly believes that it is the former point, after all, no matter how beautiful the man is, Dongshu has also seen it. Therefore, I will not be confused by beauty. Dongshu turned around and went to get other things. Foodie attributes, slowly dropped the temperature,White Marble Slabs, Dongshu's reason, also finally returned. In this world, the attribute inherits this cheating thing, and I can't get rid of it. But it doesn't matter, at the critical moment, I can still return to reason. For example, the original intention of being invited is to prepare a decent dinner for others. Dong Shu started very quickly, in the past a lot of the world, but also cooked. In this world, there is another foodie attribute bonus. So,Marble Granite Price, it's faster. Forcibly suppress the attribute and then become a demon. Dongshu quickly fried four vegetables, there are two meat fried, by the way also cooked a soup, and finally cut a fruit platter. The world is now in September, the weather is slightly cool, and it is just the time when melons and fruits are ripe. Therefore, there are a lot of fruits in Xichen Mansion. Dongshu found a few things, cut a fruit platter, and then motioned to the maid who had been waiting outside for a long time to come in and start serving. Xi Chen has been very attentively in the bone, but did not notice the action of Dongshu. When he finished picking the bones of a plate of chicken feet, he looked up and found that the old housekeeper was waiting for him at the door. Seeing that he looked up, he asked, "Is Wang Ye eating now?" Xi Chen:? I always feel that the world has changed after picking a plate of bones. Ready? Xi Chen did not know why, but when he heard that dinner was ready, he was a little disappointed. There is also a small kitchen in the house, Xi Chen thought, they occupied the big kitchen, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Marble Projects, and did not eat, so the old housekeeper let people go to the small kitchen to prepare. Inexplicably rejected and did not want to eat, Xi Chen asked in low spirits. Back to Wang Ye, Miss Lian has prepared a table for Wang Ye, and now the temperature is just right. The old housekeeper answered honestly. But his words, but it is to please Xi Chen. Originally still some interest is not high, now a listen, busy side head, some surprise looked at Dongshu. But Dong Shu just spread out her hands innocently and said, "I'm sorry for delaying your dinner time. Fortunately, it's not too late to remedy it now, and I've finished the task with Liu Xian, so I'll leave." A listen to Dongshu said to go, Xi Chen originally raised the lip angle, with the speed visible to the naked eye, is slowly pressing down. The flow string obviously doesn't want to go. There are so many delicious foods, and this son of Xi Chen is very rich at first sight. How nice to stay here. Although it's certainly not good to disturb others. But at the worst, when they leave, they leave some jewelry and so on to offset it. Anyway, there are a lot of these things in the East China Sea, so you can take whatever you want. Those pearls, in particular, are very easy to get. And things like pearls and luminous pearls are rarely encountered in the world, and they are still very valuable. Liu Xian did not want to go, but Dong Shu did not intend to stay more. Xi Chen calmed down his slightly restless heart and nodded to Dong Shu and said, "It's getting late. If you two girls can trust me, you can stay in the mansion for one night. If you think it's inconvenient for me to stay in the mansion, I can actually go to my friend's mansion for a few nights.". ” "That's very good." Before Dongshu opened her mouth, Liu Xian answered immediately. It's good to stay. Why do you want to go. This is a paradise for foodies. East Shu has not had time to stop, flow string already should be under. Although the heart has some helplessness, but also did not insist more. Chapter 679 carp spirit, shut up 20. The two men settled down in the palace. Xi Chen eat dinner, eat a smile, next to the cloth dish maid scared shivering, thought Xi Chen was down, the whole person is not quite normal. Finally, the maid couldn't stand it any more, so she reported to the housekeeper and changed a bodyguard to come over, and then she retired. Otherwise, she is afraid of having nightmares at night. Wang Ye is Fengshen handsome, natural and unrestrained, but eat a mouthful of things, then to Hei Hei Hei, who can stand it? Slip, slip. Dongshu and Liuxian have been placed in the West Chamber, which is relatively quiet, and far away from the East Chamber where Xichen lives, so they can rest assured. Dong Shu didn't ask much, why did Liu Xian live here for food. For a foodie, everything is to look up to food, everything is to respect food, and there is no other reason or excuse. Wash up, clean up, like a mortal, go to bed normally. Just before going to bed, Dongshu's daily life is to recite what she needs to remember. Of course,Granite Slab Supplier, what happened today is also recorded in the brain. And the last words before going to bed are still: "Liu Xian is a turtle spirit. She is my best friend. We have known each other for two thousand years." Say that, close your eyes and fall asleep normally. When I got up early the next morning, it was still a clear and breezy day.