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On this day, as expected, the Korean star once again won the first place

On this day, as expected, the Korean star once again won the first place in the popular ballad of SBS. Other singers were numb to the Korean star's monopoly of the first place. Fortunately, the first place in the popular ballad could only be won three times, otherwise other singers would really cry. At the moment when the Korean star won the first place in the popular ballad for the third time, many singers sincerely thanked SBS for its popular ballad program PD, and thanked them for setting the first place in the popular ballad only three times, otherwise the champion of the music programs of the three major TV stations would probably be taken home by the Korean star. With the popularity of Korean stars, music shows like Music Bank, which have no upper limit on the number of champions, other singers have no hope before the craze caused by Korean stars subsides. Now Korean stars have won the third popular ballad, which makes other singers feel great. The cheers celebrating Korean stars winning the championship are much bigger than before. Although the first Korean star of music programs like popular ballads has been soft, but this does not hinder the good mood of Korean stars, which singer will think that the first place is too much? "Eh?"? Where did you get this camera? This is my waiting room. Han Xing, who returned to the waiting room humming a ditty, suddenly found an extra camera in his exclusive waiting room and asked in surprise. Ha-ha, a Xing, you forgot. Aren't you going to take part in the "Birth of the Family"? They are here to shoot the front scenes. Park Dae-dong, who was following Han Xing, smiled and patted his back. Han Xing this just reacts to come over, he still gives forget really, oneself want to become a member of the family? Thinking of this,uns c68700, Han Xing could not help rubbing his hands excitedly. PD, how am I going to shoot this? Am I just going to sit here and wait for the call? Han Xing asked with a smile after saying hello to the PD carrying the camera. PD smiled and said, "APOLLO, you can do what you usually do now. You don't have to do it too deliberately." Han Xing nodded, PD said that if it was too deliberate, the program would not look realistic. Han Xing took out his mobile phone and put it on the table and began to tidy up things. Today's stage is over. But now that the PD of the front part has come, the Korean star did not wait long to receive a call informing the family to gather. Hey, brother Shi. Han Xing picked up the phone and just wanted to chat with Liu Zaishi first, but Liu Zaishi did not give Han Xing this opportunity. As soon as the phone call was made, Liu Zaishi on the other end of the phone said to himself at a very fast speed: "Hello, family members. I am Liu Zaishi. This time our family will be born in Haoyinli Village, 316 stainless steel plate ,x52 line pipe, Zhongqing Road. I hope that before nine o'clock tomorrow morning, all members can gather in front of the Guild Hall of Haoyinli Village, Zhongqing Road. Above, the correspondence is over.". GODDBAY~~” "Hello?"? Hello? In brother Shi? Han Xing shouted a few times to the phone, but Yoo Jae-seok had already hung up the phone, and the only response to Han Xing was a busy tone. Didn't that just hang up? Han Xing looked at the people around him in silence, and he didn't say a word. Seeing PD laughing and nodding, Han Xing rolled his eyes in silence. "How can I be so impatient?" Han Xing decided to hang back first when shooting the next program, which was really depressing. Suddenly Han Xing thought of something and looked at the camera, showing a puzzled look: "Where is that Zhongqing Dao Haoyinli Village?"? I don't know the way. "Although the Korean star has lived in Korea for two years, the busy Korean star is not even familiar with the terrain of Seoul, let alone where these villages in Korea are.". Unfortunately, no one answered Han Xing's question. When Han Xing's puzzled look was recorded, the PD smiled and patted Han Xing on the shoulder and left without saying anything. Only Han Xing and Park Dae-dong looked at each other. "No, just leave?" Piao Dadong looked at the handsome figure of the PD when he left and could not help muttering. Han Xing is speechless, but it's good that Han Xing doesn't have to *** himself to find a place. Heart The Korean star is simply thrown to Park Dae-dong, who calls Park Dae-dong is both the Korean star's agent and the Korean star's exclusive driver. Han Xing got up early the next morning. No way, Yoo Jae-seok informed everyone yesterday that the gathering time was nine o'clock. It's not good to be late on the first day of shooting. It's not the style of Han Xing. "Oh, good morning, PD." When Han Xing sleepily came out of the dormitory prepared by JYP for him to shoot the program, he found that besides Park Dadong and Lee Tianshu, the PD of yesterday was also in the car. Han Xing smiled and said hello to him. You're early, too, APOLLO. It seems that this PD doesn't like to talk very much. After saying hello to Han Xing with a smile, he didn't say anything but turned on the camera to shoot. Looking at the action of the PD, the Korean star remembered that "Birth of the Family" was also filmed before the departure of the guests. It seems that he was really worried yesterday. With this PD, there should be no need to worry about getting lost. A few people didn't talk much along the way. After shooting for a while, the PD turned off the camera and fell asleep on one side. The Korean star also felt bored. After Li Tianshu helped him get his hairstyle, the Korean star also took a nap on the cushion. The recent continuous singing made the Korean star feel a little tired, and he got up so early today. The Korean star also took advantage of this time to make up for his sleep. In a daze, Han Xing felt someone patting him on the shoulder, rubbed his eyes, and looked out of the window. The car seemed to be still running: "Tianshu, have you arrived?" "Not yet. There was a little traffic jam on the road just now, so I was a little late, but I'll be there soon." Li Tianshu shook his head and took out the styling water to help the Korean star get up his hair. Just now, the Korean star was sleeping and pressing his hairstyle a little messy. Li Tianshu also took advantage of this time to help the Korean star recover. There was no time when he arrived at the scene. This is the countryside,347 stainless steel, and the air is really good. Han Xing took a sip of water to wake himself up, then opened the window and looked around at the green mixed with golden yellow. It was the end of September, and autumn was coming unconsciously. The air in the countryside is much better than that in the city. The fresh air makes Han Xing breathe deeply several times. "How I want to stay in such an environment all the time.". lksteelpipe.com