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"You are the keeper?" It looks a little familiar. The keeper pointed at himself and said with a smile,

"You are the keeper?" It looks a little familiar. The keeper pointed at himself and said with a smile, "I haven't seen you for more than a hundred years.". Don't you recognize me? Two hundred and fifty? Lan Yuyao's face blackened for a moment. She looked at the keeper again for a long time before she said with a half-smile, "You are.." Lord Yama? The keeper smiled and pointed to his crown. "Promoted." "Congratulations." Lan Yuyao arches her hands. Since it is an acquaintance, not to mention, "I want to go back to the fairy world.". Is there any way? The keeper shrugged. "What did you bring?" "Things?" The keeper was stunned. "Didn't Qing Di ask you to bring something?" The corner of Lan Yuyao's eye twitched. "Qing Di?" She suddenly understood, and a little incredulous, opened the Baoluo Fan, took the keeper in, and went straight to the palace painted by the Qing Emperor. On the way, he met the soul of Long Tianxing and Zhang Qiang, who were sitting on the ground in a daze. The keeper raised his eyebrows and said, "You didn't come in vain." Lan Yuyao was stunned and looked at the keeper in puzzlement. The keeper shook his head with a smile. "Go and see that thing first." Lan Yuyao led the keeper to the palace. She looked at the dark golden door and hesitated for a moment. She turned around and said, "I don't know if this is what Qing Di wanted you to see, but Qing Di only gave me this." Then she pushed the door open, and it was dark. The holy well is right there. The keeper closed his eyes gently and sighed slowly. "Yes, that's it." The two realms of immortals and demons have been cut off for many years, and the passage of immortals and demons has also been sealed until more than a hundred years ago, when the passage of immortal demons in the demon world was reopened, which led to a lot of speculation in the fairy world. Sanqing Tianjun thought that this was a sign that the demon world wanted to restart the war. He advocated gathering the immortal army and taking the initiative to attack, but Qing Di had his own plan. Then he took in his disciples and traveled. In a flash, more than a hundred years passed, and there was no movement in the demon world. As for the underworld, the position of the king of the underworld has always been vacant, and has always been shared by the King of Hell in the ten realms. After the opening of the immortal and demon channel, Emperor Qing promoted the wheel king in charge of reincarnation as the king of the underworld, and tried to promote the position of the underearth to shoulder to shoulder with the immortal world. Simply put, he wanted to make the Underworld independent and no longer under the jurisdiction of the immortal world. This move was unanimously opposed by Sanqing Tianjun, and Qing Di did not mention it again, but played every day until Lan Yuyao went to find it. As for why Qing Di designed Lan Yuyao to bring the holy well to the underworld, it was not known to outsiders. Naturally, the king of the underworld would not reveal it. He just said to Lan Yuyao, "You know that your task has been completed. Don't ask or care. If you want to go back to the fairy world, I'll send you back. But your fan has to stay here." To tell the truth, Lan Yuyao really didn't want to take care of it, and she couldn't figure out why the Qing Emperor had to be so furtive about giving things to the keeper, but. Is that soul-sucking demon also arranged by Qing Di? "How is that possible?" The keeper laughed. "Your task is to come to the underworld. No matter where Emperor Qing sends you, no matter what happens to you, you will come to the underworld. I didn't expect you to arrive so soon." The more Lan Yuyao listened, the more confused she became. "It's up to you. It's just that there's still someone behind the demon. You still have to take care of it." The keeper did not answer, Inflatable outdoor park , but said, "You can rest assured that if you want your treasure, I will make up for it." Lan Yuyao thought of Long Tianxing again, "does that person outside have anything to do with me?" The keeper just smiled and waved his hand to reflect a picture. "He has been your father for eleven generations, including the last one." Lan Yuyao's body shook, watching the picture constantly changing, his face became more and more pale. On the screen, there is a man holding a baby, a strict father who teaches his daughter a lesson, and a helpless father who loses his daughter painfully. Finally, he goes one step ahead of his daughter. The fire burns all over the hill, leaving nothing behind, except the daughter rescued by the mysterious teenager. Lan Banxian. Lan Yuyao muttered to herself, "he is Lan Banxian." No wonder he believes in himself so much. There is no reason. The keeper looked at her and shook his head. "You have become an immortal. Why can't you see the world?"? He was your relative in his previous life. Karma is the result of cause and effect. He has nothing to do with you in this life. It can be seen that the relationship between cause and effect is over. You should be happy if there is one less concern. I don't want your compensation. "Lan Yuyao instantly made a decision," this time back to the fairy world, the future is unknown, I want to entrust him to you, let him practice here at ease, in order to become immortal as soon as possible. As for the soul, he died innocently, so you can arrange a good place for him. Hades is also straightforward, "this is simple, I will arrange someone to send you back to the fairy world." Lan Yuyao nodded, followed the keeper out of the palace, took the seven love treasures and several heavenly kings to give her gifts on her body, looked back and saw the dragon day line, Lan Yuyao is still a little sad, came forward to tell him to practice well here, I hope there will be a later. It was the herald of the underworld who escorted Lan Yuyao back to the fairy world. Lan Yuyao was not in the mood to study what was in his eyes. She just kept smoothing the restlessness in her heart. Fairy world, she came back, Suyu, she came back. The keeper saw Lan Yuyao off and sighed disappointedly, "I hope next time I see you again, you can return to that warm and cheerful 250, holding your voice and speaking in a bureaucratic tone, too impersonal." Volume III Chapter 36 Return to the Fairy World Under the leadership of the herald, when Lan Yuyao felt the immortal spirit again, she was so excited that she repeatedly urged the herald to take her to the Qing Emperor. But the herald was surprised to say, "You were driven out of the fairy world by the Qing Emperor. It's not easy to save your life. Why did you ask the Lord of the Underworld to send you back?" Lan Yuyao smiled bitterly, "come back to find someone, if you can find, even if I do not return to the fairy world, I am willing." The herald shook his head as if disapproving of what she had done. "I can only send you here,Inflatable dry slide," he added. "Even Lord Hades can't disobey the order of the Qing Emperor. Sending you back to the fairy world is already an old love." Lan Yuyao was stupefied for a moment, and then he knew that the keeper had not told the truth to the herald. If this matter could be put on the table, the Qing Emperor would not have to go to a lot of trouble to throw her out of the fairy world and work as a messenger.