The Retainer of Sister Shan in the Warring States Period

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But I haven't seen him for less than a month,heavy duty cantilever racks, and he looks so strange. Zhan Qian walked up to him with the last glimmer of hope and pretended to smile: "Is Huang Wei all right?" "Mmm." Bai Chuan answered lightly, and without looking

Kato Duan Zang slowly raised his head, a pair of eyes still covered up, a shirt sister was disgusted. Even with only one eye, she could see how many negative emotions there were in the other person's heart. She didn't want to pay attention to these things for a second. But fortunately, sister Uesugi simply ignored her as soon as she closed her eyes, which saved trouble. It will not be endless with Kato Duanzang as it was in history. And Kato Duan Zang seems to be used to this kind of thing, the host family is not reasonable, there is no need to go to the rate of "to you, you can do it yourself." Sister Uesugi waved her hand and said to Li Wei. She doesn't want to get in touch with these dark sides. If Japan is unified, she must cut down all these departments. Of course, this kind of thing that destroys Li Wei's rice bowl, the family will never let it happen. Yes, my Lord. Li Wei swallowed saliva, then secretly looked sideways at Ju Ji behind him, and according to the draft he had thought of in advance, he was going to speak. Master, this is "" "Why does this look familiar to me?" Interrupting Livy,asrs warehouse, Uesugi was half-hunched. One hand clasped his chin, the other his shoulder. He looked down carefully at Ju Ji, who had been brought by Li Wei, and looked like he was thinking. I said, have we met before? Ju Ji is still wearing the kimono she wore when she met Li Wei yesterday. As Li Wei said, "If you don't speak, you are a perfect Yamato Fuko." The introverted breath adds more mysterious color and temperament. No matter how you look at it,push back racking system, you are a beautiful girl who doesn't know how to buckle. If you ignore the long Taidao she carries with her. He didn't let Kikuhime bring in the knife, after all, "the relationship between her and Uesugi is not so good." Yes, Your Royal Highness. Ju Ji neither overbearing nor humble bowed, opposite is the person she wants to take refuge in, but also to destroy her family, to tell the truth, this relationship is a bit of entanglement. Huh? Is it true? Looking at the woman in kimono, Uesugi was always more or less jealous, because she was wearing a black samurai suit today. Although black is gorgeous, she prefers to wear women's clothes whenever and wherever she is. I always feel that I have seen your temperament somewhere, but I just don't know where and when. Maybe it's forgotten. So, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,push back racking system, who are you? Tell me yourself, I have a good feeling. Li Wei Pu ran, Uesugi sister unexpectedly from the "temperament" to judge people, is Uesugi sister is a super Saiyan? "Next, the imperial chrysanthemum." Kikuhime said with a slight bow, "I'd like to pay my respects to Your Royal Highness." "Imperial Front, Chrysanthemum?" No matter how it sounds, the name is what a princess should hold. Sister Uesugi wondered who the person in front of her was: "Kikuhime." Wait, you're not Kikuhime, are you? "Yes, I am the Kikuhime that His Royal Highness is thinking of." Ju Ji so faint smile unchanged, looking at the shirt sister some surprised expression, it seems that she is not in the years before the two of them had a hand. At that time, Sword Saint Luo Li met Sister Uesugi on the street of Heianjing, but she was frightened by a military God of the other side. Now, "it's estimated that Kikuhime deliberately made the second round of the contest." The middleman! What's going on here? Sister Uesugi raised her waist in surprise and turned her head to stare at Livy. "Why do I have a princess of the Takeda family here?"? And "I remember this Kikuhime should be yours." Yours. " "Yes!"! Banquet! Kikuhime added: "To be exact, I am his main room." Only,?! How can an old hen turn into a duck in a twinkling of an eye? Ju Ji, we agreed not to mention this matter! "Make no mistake, Princess of the Takeda family." Sister Uesugi is cold. Enjoying one, in the smile is quite disdainful: "The main room of the middleman is my elder sister, this mother is beyond doubt.". What are you doing here? Did Takeda Shingen send you to surrender? "Yes, your Highness is right." Ju Ji said here deeply worshipped, so that all the people present did not know what had happened. Those things in those years were just an expedient measure, and the main room of the middleman was naturally your sister. Kikuhime said as if she had taken a step back: "I have come here for the sake of the harmony between the Takeda family and the Uesugi family.". ” "Wishful thinking!" This moment is Li Wei jumps out hurriedly and Ju Ji Li Qing boundary, this guy is too much? "There is no doubt that it must be my Shangshan family that destroyed the Takeda family." Livy was in a hurry and didn't know what to say, because Kikuhime's words were too different: "Besides, Takeda Shingen is despicable and reckless. My Lord has said several times that he is" the root of all evil in the world.! " "There is nothing wrong with what the middleman has said." Kikuhime did not refute Li Wei's words, but affirmed: "Takeda Shingen is really despicable!"! But this has nothing to do with the Takeda family. "Well?" The Takeda family was appointed by the shogunate to guard Kai, and to be exact, Takeda Shingen is also your retainer. However, the Great Doctor Shingen is not the real Lord of Kai. He is the usurper of the throne. Dashifu was an official position granted by Takeda Shingen's shogunate when his father Nobutora was in power. At this moment, Kikuhime is called by this name instead of the newly given Shinano Guardian, which is quite meaningful. Huh? What you said is very interesting. When she heard this, she couldn't help laughing. Following the order of the world, she was quite interested in this topic: "Then who is the Lord of Kai?" Of course, Lord Takeda Nobutora was banished by the treacherous Takeda Shingen, so he was forced to leave Kai. Has never admitted the identity of Takeda Shingen, just suffering from no way to return to Kai, "said,pallet rack shelving, Kikuhime took out a letter from his arms, handed to the shirt sister.". Fei is a handwritten letter from Takeda Zuo Jing Doctor Kai guarding the letter tiger. Please have a look at it. Kikuhime said: "Our two peoples have been completely mired in the quagmire of war. In order to solve this pain as soon as possible, I hope His Royal Highness can.".